Xingpai Chinese billiards game table was snapped up, customers still can’t buy cash

The first “Xingpai Cup” Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament kicked off in Zhengzhou. The game was in full swing, and the sales of 16 game tables were also very hot. Just today, a Xingpai customer from Shaanxi even brought cash directly to the scene, hoping to buy a game console on the scene.

Star card is equipped with 16 tables for this game, of which the world’s only “Dragon Xing Tianxia” red flower porcelain table is used as the broadcasting table for the game, and 15 XW112-9A tables are used for the game. Regarding the game table, Xingpai executive deputy general manager Li Zaiyan said confidently, “The National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is the highest-spec Chinese billiards game in the country and even in the world. Therefore, the Chinese billiards table of this game is also It must be the best quality Chinese pool table in the world.”

“Dragon Xing Tianxia” has a white background and red-glazed dragon ornamentation, which is full of Chinese style. In the workmanship and material selection, the “Dragon Xing Tianxia” adopts all the top craftsmanship of Xingpai and maintains the high quality of a model. In terms of appearance, the design and creation process of “Long Xing Tianxia” is very distinctive. It is made by court painters and combined with the craftsmen team of Jingdezhen to create a new type of artwork that complements the arts and crafts. Because of all the sculptures and hand-painted on the table They are all hand-made by masters, so the “Dragon Xing Tianxia” world table that appeared on the Zhengzhou arena is currently the only one in the world.

In addition to the undoubtedly gorgeous appearance, the quality of the table has also been praised by the players. In the past three days, all the most important matches have been arranged on the “Dragon Xing Tianxia” table. Players including Li Hewen, Qiu Paomou, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha and others have tried the “Dragon Xing Tianxia” table. All players All praised the performance of this table in the game. The game is not over yet. The world’s only “Dragon Walking World” Chinese billiard table has been ordered by a local customer in Henan. After the finals, this “Dragon Walking World” will be taken to the customer’s home and become a family. Collection table.

In addition to the “Long Xing Tianxia” table, the other 15 star XW112-9A are also highly sought after. The XW112-9A has a simple and elegant shape, which brings modern minimalism to the extreme. The combination of light brown and champagne gold is exquisite and magnificent. The frame structure is processed by German high-precision equipment, and the small help is made by the top technicians of Xingpai. The painting process of the table parts uses the top piano paint spraying process, which is super wear-resistant and natural.

The game is not over yet, 15 billiards for the game have received orders from Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu and other places. In today’s game, a customer from Shaanxi came to the arena with cash deliberately and wanted to buy 15 games directly on the spot, but this customer from Shaanxi might be disappointed because of the hot order, 15 XW112 All the -9A tables have been bought by a local customer in Henan, but Xingpai’s sales staff also promised the customer that they will process the order of this Shaanxi customer as soon as possible, and let the customer use the satisfied Xingpai as quickly as possible. Chinese pool table.

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