Xingpai launched a new concept ball room innovation management support plan to boost the development of billiards clubs

With the continuous promotion of billiards, the development trend of Chinese billiards is very good. In recent years, the holding of major billiard events in China has also increased the popularity of billiards among the people. In particular, the publication of “Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption” has stimulated the potential contained in the billiard industry. But on the contrary, many billiard clubs are or will be losing money, which is a hidden danger for the long-term development of the billiard industry.

In view of this, Xingpai Billiards has made great contributions to the development of Chinese billiards over the years. In return for the support and love of the majority of billiard club friends over the years, the “New Concept Ball Room Innovative Management Support Plan” was launched, aiming to help China The billiard club injects new business concepts to promote the healthy development of the billiard club industry.

It is reported that this support plan will be carried out in the form of seminars held at sub-stations. At that time, well-known industry figures such as Ouyang Yifei, Zhao Boyu and Shi Honghai will give speeches respectively to analyze the new trends and new concepts of the billiard club management with the participants, and how the advantages of the new concepts will be reflected in the management of the billiards club.

Wang Bin, vice president of sales of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., said that many billiard clubs are still fighting on their own. The lack of business philosophy and billiards culture has caused the clubs to encounter difficulties in their development. They urgently need to use brand advantages to manage themselves perfect. The launch of Xingpai’s support plan is to give these billiard clubs a chance to learn, and to let them know that they can still make money by opening a billiard club. The key is to change their mindset.

Any industry, without exception, has certain bottlenecks, and the appearance of these bottlenecks indicates that this industry has unlimited room for development. We also believe that under the background of my country’s vigorous development of the sports industry and the promotion of many companies and individuals dedicated to the development of the billiards industry like “Xingpai”, the billiards industry will inevitably usher in its own spring.

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