Anderson praises Xingpai for giving back to the billiards industry and points out the difficulties in promoting Chinese billiard

On May 29, 2012, Ivan Anderson, Chairman of the World Fancy Pool Association, accompanied by Hu Rong, Chairman of Beijing Billiards Association, and Gan Liantong, Chairman of Xingwei Company, visited the Xingpai headquarters in Daxing, Beijing. In an interview with TOP147 reporter, Anderson praised the quality of Xingpai tables. For the Chinese billiards that Xingpai vigorously promoted this year, Anderson believes that the manufacturing process will become a difficult point in its global promotion.

Ivan Anderson is from Australia. He has controlled the World Pool Association (WPA) since the 1970s. For Chinese-made tables, Anderson admitted that his initial impression was “cheap.” The impression was not changed until four years ago. “During the 2008 Snooker Shanghai Masters, I happened to watch the assembly of a star-branded snooker table on the spot. Through observation of the parts and the operation of the workers, I completely Changed my opinion. I found that Chinese tables are not only cheap, but also of good quality.” Anderson said.

It was after this that Anderson had more opportunities to learn about stars, the 2011 Shanghai 9-Ball China Open, the 2011 Beijing 9-Ball World Open, the 2011 Shenyang Women’s 9-Ball World Championship, and the World Fancy Pool Association III. The competition tables of the event are all sponsored by Xingpai, and the current cooperation between the two parties is still continuing. The upcoming World Fancy Pool Team Championships in Beijing will still use the Xingpai tables.

For Xingpai’s generous sponsorship of pool games, Anderson spoke highly of it, “It’s a pity that many companies in the billiard industry just make profits from this industry, but they don’t support or support this industry. Reward. But Xingpai is different from them. In fact, perhaps it is precisely because of Xingpai’s generous sponsorship of the event. Today, people all over the world know about Xingpai’s products. This is indeed what happened in recent years. I think Xingpai The right decision has been made to make more people aware of Xingpai’s brands and products. For companies like Xingpai, the World Pool Association is willing to cooperate with them and provide assistance as much as possible.”

Came to Xingpai’s headquarters in Daxing, Beijing. Accompanied by Xingpai’s chairman Gan Liantong, Anderson visited Xingpai’s factory, product showroom, and Gan Liantong’s office. Although he has been in the billiard industry for more than 30 years, But Anderson still got a lot of surprises, especially when faced with products with Chinese characteristics such as blue and white porcelain and Xiangyun, Anderson showed a keen interest, “I have visited many billiard factories, including some Chinese ones, but Xingpai’s products and supporting facilities are undoubtedly the most.” Anderson said.

When visiting the product, Xingpai’s Chinese billiard table was specifically mentioned. Anderson also learned about this sport with a broad mass base in China and the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament that Xingpai is fully promoting. For the promotion of Chinese billiards in the world, Anderson bluntly pointed out the difficulty, “I don’t have a definite answer, because I don’t have a deep understanding. From the current point of view, I think there are many people participating in this sport in China, probably because the company makes a lot of tables. And promotion, but Chinese billiards is still an unfamiliar sport in the world. Foreign manufacturers need new technology and new equipment to produce. It is the most difficult to produce new products, so it is difficult to say whether it can be promoted globally. But if this game is really good enough, there is still a chance to do it. I will also support attention.” Anderson said.

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