Xingpai and Higgins and Gan Liantong: Recognize each other to achieve a win-win situation or continue the Rockets

On March 27, 2013, Xingpai and the four-time World Championship champions Higgins and Williams held a signing ceremony in the banquet hall of Longxi Shunjing Hot Spring Hotel, as star signing players Higgins and Williams in the future For three years, he will wear a star badge to mark the battle arena and participate in a series of promotional activities.

“Xingpai has always been committed to cooperating with the world’s top players, because their skills are in line with the positioning of Xingpai.” Gan Liantong, chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. said in an interview, “Xingpai will always do two.” “Tou”, the first “Tou” is to cooperate with the world’s top players, and the second “Tou” is to spare no effort to train Chinese young players.”

“Higgins and Williams are both world-class players. When choosing a partner, they will consider various factors. It can be said that this cooperation can be promoted by the mutual recognition of the stars and the players. The strong team will definitely achieve a win-win situation. Situation.”

It is worth mentioning that, with Higgins signing the contract, the “75 three masters (O’Sullivan, Higgins, Williams)” in the snooker world all have the experience of endorsing stars. (In September 2011, “Rocket” O’Sullivan signed a contract with Xingpai to become its spokesperson. When the contract expired, O’Sullivan suddenly announced that he would leave Snooker temporarily. After a period of silence, O’Sullivan made a statement last month. It was announced that he would return to the snooker arena to participate in the World Championships as the defending champion.) Taking this interview opportunity, the reporter asked Mr. Gan about O’Sullivan’s contract.

“O’Sullivan has just announced his participation in the World Championships. We have been negotiating with him about signing the contract, but the specifics depend on our plans for the next step and O’Sullivan’s future career plans. We will not give up with Osaver. Every opportunity for Liwen cooperation.” Mr. Gan said.

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