Where is the star pool table? Here is the meaning of spending a little more money!

“Why is Xingpai a little bit more expensive than other brands for billiard tables of the same level?”

As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. This is a little bit more price, more there, and how significant is it? Listen to Xiaoxing slowly analyze.

Which step is more leveling? You are familiar with installing the table, probably like this: put the legs, the big state, etc., and then put the slate…

The star pool table requires a steel frame before placing the slate. On the steel frame is a universal leveling bolt. The position of the leveling pin is not chosen arbitrarily, but is determined according to the path of the ball when the table inspection officials of the World Professional Billy and Snooker Association inspect the table. The material of the leveling bolt attached is a specially treated rubber.

The emergence of the steel frame overcomes the problem of large shrinkage of wood and easily affected by the weather, and ensures the smooth movement of billiards.

Where is the star pool table? Here is the meaning of spending a little more money!

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The heating of the Xing brand billiard table is the heating of other billiard tables in a system, relying on several heating plates. The temperature control and dehumidification of the Xing brand pool table relies on a sophisticated system.

Let me talk about the heating plate first. Most brands use resistance heating, while Xingpai uses infrared heating-the heating plate is kept at a certain distance from the stone slab, and the carbon fiber quickly converts electrical energy into heat, which transmits far infrared rays in the form of radiation. Infrared heating costs more, but the effect is more effective: far infrared radiation has a wider surface, so that the heat evenly covers the entire table. After repeated tests, it is guaranteed that the temperature and humidity of each area of ​​the billiard table are just the most suitable for billiards. The numerical value of the game. It overcomes the problems of uneven heating of the stone slab and cold on both sides of the middle heat which are prone to resistance heating.

The system is equipped with a humidity sensor to monitor the air humidity in real time. Simply put, the system follows the surrounding natural environment and automatically adjusts the table to the required temperature and humidity. Once the surrounding environment is abnormal, the system can respond quickly. With this system, the ball room owners can have a good night’s sleep after work, without worrying about the potential safety hazards caused by resistance wires and carbon crystal heating film heating plates.

There is another point: all the connecting wires of the system adopt aviation plugs. It is waterproof and moisture-proof, can effectively avoid short circuits caused by moisture entering, and has a longer service life.

Where is the star pool table? Here is the meaning of spending a little more money!

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There is a mystery behind the slate 26 years ago, Xingpai did not hesitate to invest and visited all parts of the country. After repeated comparisons, he chose Yushan blue slate to make a pool table. The bluestone slab made of Yushan stone does not contain iron sulfide and is not easy to generate static electricity; the Yushan bluestone slab will not be stratified, so the slab is not easy to crack even if the nail holes are buried many times; and the density, elasticity and water absorption of the Yushan bluestone slab are also Both are better.

Grinding slate is also a science. Other billiard table manufacturers can put into installation after one-sided polishing. Xingpai “does nothing more”, both sides must be polished. Don’t underestimate this difference. Because the attachment point of the universal leveling bolt must be in close contact with the back of the slate.

Where is the star pool table? Here is the meaning of spending a little more money!

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High investment, only for wood longer life. The moisture content of the wood used in the star pool table is 7% to 10%, which is higher than the household industry standard. This value is conducive to inhibiting the growth of fungi, achieving the purpose of anti-corrosion, and facilitating storage; and making the wood dry shrinkage and swelling relatively stable.

In order to achieve this value, Xingpai has continuously invested heavily in the steps of drying and drying. In the early days, Xingpai imported five drying kilns, using a very difficult drying technology for treatment. Yushan Star Billiards Industrial Park is equipped with professional drying kilns, drying rooms and balance rooms, which have a variety of top equipment.

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A table with high appearance and less easy to peel off paint will begin to peel off after playing for a while or putting it under bad weather.

The star pool table uses imported metal paint for cutting-edge sports cars to spray the surface of the pool table, making the paint harder and not afraid of bumps caused by long-term transportation and accidental scratches and impacts.

To spray the pool table, Xingpai people have to complete 18 processes, one seal paint, two primers, one color paint, one topcoat, and four drying and one drying in the middle. Only then are there photogenic match gold, champagne gold and cashmere silver.

Where is the star pool table? Here is the meaning of spending a little more money!

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Not all steel warehouses have the quality of steel warehouses, first of all, the materials are guaranteed. The material of the Xing brand billiard table steel library comes from No. 45 carbon steel produced by Angang. After that, the steel warehouse, like the stone slab, must be polished on both sides.

In recent years, some customers have said that Xingpai’s steel warehouse has become heavier. Indeed, Xingpai has widened and thickened the steel warehouse, but the feedback received was very positive.

Where is the star pool table? Here is the meaning of spending a little more money!

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This is the philosophy of Xingpai, everything must be done 100%. In the process of pursuing perfection, the cost will inevitably increase, in order to make a billiard table remain fresh after many years.

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