Xingpai technical team stationed at the 2014 World Open to fully guarantee high-level events

The Haikou World Open will kick off on March 10 at the Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center. This will be the largest number of players participating in the Haikou arena after the reform of the ranking competition system. As many as 67 Chinese and foreign professional players will participate in this year’s domestically held tournament. A large ranking match.

Xingpai, as the official billiards brand service provider of this competition, has sent a capable team to participate in the pre-service work of the game many days before the start of the game. They took the good service level of the Xingpai to Haikou to carry out:

Star technicians are installing the table in an orderly manner

The technical officer of the World Taiwan Federation is conducting a close inspection of the table

The technicians responsible for the broadcast of the game are debugging and installing the seats above the broadcast station that are live broadcast during the game.

A far view of the playing field after basic installation and commissioning

Xing brand skilled technicians are leveling the game table in depth

Player practice area during the World Open

The big background of the periphery of the venue, is it a bit of a “tall” rush?

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