“The Queen of Nine Balls” Pan Xiaoting sends blessings to Xingpai’s 30th anniversary and welcomes the next 30 years together

On July 5, Pan Xiaoting, the “Queen of Nine Balls”, came to the Longxi Metropark International Conference Center, a hotel under the Star Brand in Daxing District, to shoot a promotional video for the 30th anniversary celebration of Star Brand. As a signed player of Xingpai, Pan Xiaoting expressed her blessings for Xingpai’s 30th birthday. She said: “I am full of affection for Xingpai, thank her for her training and support, and sincerely wish Xingpai usher in its 30th birthday, and it is getting better and better.


It is understood that Pan Xiaoting started to contact billiards in 1997 and has a history of 20 years. Her fancy nine-ball style is well-known at home and abroad and is known as the “Nine-Ball Queen”. The 30th anniversary of Xingpai is also the 20th anniversary of Pan Xiaoting’s contact with billiards. One is the global leader in billiards, and the other is an internationally renowned star. Together they encourage the billiard industry and the development of Chinese private enterprises.


We look forward to the “Nine Ball Queen” billiards road being more dazzling, Xingpai will continue to guide the development of world billiards, and calmly welcome the arrival of the next 30 years.

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