“Xingpai-Harpu” Cup Women’s Players Take the Lead

The women’s team of the 2013 CBSA “Xingpai Harpu” Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament took the lead on the 17th in the Nantong Harpu Billiards Club in full swing. As 40 players signed up on the spot, and the mysterious sign needs to be reserved (the mysterious player will also compete with the women’s champion in the exhibition match), only 31 players on the spot were able to advance to the main match. The competition system then adopted the first round of play-off single scouting, resulting in 32 neat signings; then the second round of 32-to-16 matches resulted in 16 winners of the top 31, and then 16 losers to 8 and 8 people. Promoting to the top 31, and so on, finally eliminated a player, so the competition was very fierce, and it was not all over until 11 o’clock in the evening. In the end, Wang Dan was unfortunately eliminated. Through the large-scale training of the number competition, many small players have honed their will, and everyone has become more familiar with the characteristics of the table. Everything is only prepared for the 19th finals battle and looking forward to it.

Jiangsu is a bit hot recently

On the 17th, Jiangsu, China, it’s still a sauna. The Harp Billiards Club of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Nantong keeps coming in with players with a bit of “savage” facial expressions. The famous player Zheng Yubo sat in a chair and rested as soon as he scored a goal. He came from Henan to suffer from the high temperature, and as a man he was not embarrassed to hold up his parasol. The high temperature here is different from the hot and scorching sun in the north, but the pressure is like a steaming box, which makes people reluctant to expose it to the outdoor space for every second. Some referees who came from all over the country were wearing dark suits, and they were really sweaty. Because of their role, only they knew the hard work. Jiangsu has been a bit hot recently, and the hot weather cannot withstand the billiard fever. Everyone has an unabated enthusiasm for billiards and Chinese billiards.

Sino-British match, Chinese-British superstars expect to collide

For the men’s team, two snooker superstars from the Wuxi Classic will come to interact and start a confrontation exhibition match with the final Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament champion. But for now, we still don’t know who the two superstars are. Among the players participating in Wuxi, Xingpai’s signing players are Higgins, Williams and Trump. In addition to the three Xingpai’s own superstars, there are also many players who have also shown strong interest in Chinese billiards. interest of. Put it this way, no matter who comes to Nantong, it can be regarded as a collision between “superstars”.

The reform of the competition system is well-intentioned and comprehensive care of the high-end grassroots

This “Xingpai Harpu” Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is the first stop this year, and many reforms have been made in the competition system. On the whole, the new competition system is similar to that of the World-Taiwan Federation. It is downplaying rankings and promoting competition.

In the regulations of the first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, the top 16 women’s and men’s top 8 players can directly enter the finals of the competition. There have been major adjustments in the ownership of the seats in the main race. The women’s race seats are determined by the out-of-conference races; while the men’s seats are determined by the top six in each of the four previous qualifying races and the current eight. Zhang wild card is confirmed. Part of the ranking advantage was diluted in this race. This reform of the competition system is actually to promote the development of Chinese billiards in the country faster and better, and at the same time to be in line with the reform of the World Taiwan Federation. The importance of qualifying matches has been greatly enhanced. Players with higher rankings will also participate in the qualifying matches, which objectively increases the excitement of the qualifying matches. But this reform does not mean that the ranking loses its meaning. After all, the ranking is a display of intangible value, and it is also an important reference for selecting players before some major competitions.

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