Zhang Lei and Xiao Liu won the third runner-up and praised the Star World Championships for a good sense of playing on the stage

On November 15th, China? Shangrao? Yushan 2015 CBSA “China Sports Lottery” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open came to an end. Three or four finalists started between Zhang Lei and Xiao Liu Chuang. In the end, Zhang Lei, who has been in good shape since the qualifying rounds, defeated Xiao Liu Chuang with a score of 15:10 and won the third place in the Open.

After breaking through from the qualifiers and entering the main game, Zhang Lei passed through all the way and reached the semi-finals. Among them, he defeated Qiu Paomou, who is known as the “first shot in the South” at 9:2, in the 32-to-16 match. In the quarter-finals, 13:9 beat the star Hanqing Shi Hanqing’s match is also a classic. But in the semi-finals that followed, he regretted defeating veteran Wang Yan with a score of 12:15.

After the three or four finalists started, Zhang Lei was in a brave state and played 5 consecutive rounds. In the key 6 rounds, Xiao Liu Chuang finally seized the opportunity to win 1 round and finished the explosion before the game was suspended, 2:5. After returning from the timeout, as Xiao Liu Chuang gradually recovered his state, the game began to enter a state of anxiety, and once reduced the score difference to 3 points. Reluctantly because it started to lose too many points, the final score was fixed at 15:10. Zhang Lei won the third place, and Xiao Liu Chuang won the third place.

After the game, Zhang Lei said frankly: “Although he won the third place, I still have some small regrets. After two important games yesterday (against Shi Hanqing and Wang Yan respectively), I felt that my physical strength was a little bit unable to keep up. I had a lot of lead (against Wang Yan), but my physical strength If I can’t keep up, I can’t perform, so I will strengthen my physical exercises in the future. Although I have regrets, I won the third place and I am in a good mood.” While happy, Zhang Lei also thanked the fans and YC General Manager Yuan Cheng for their support.

In the end, Zhang Lei also praised the table used in this year’s Open, which is the official table designated by the Xingpai Chinese Billiards World Championship. He said: “This table is not only dazzling in appearance, but it also has a good playing feel and moves smoothly. Moreover, her electronic constant temperature system can adapt well to the humid environment of Yushan.”

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