For this 1% they put together [Star Leader]

Before buying wood products, moisture content is often a topic of great concern to major consumers.

The moisture content is the percentage of the weight of the moisture in the wood to the weight of the wood after it is completely dry. Its level determines whether a piece of wood can be made into a wood product. Due to the natural environment and other factors, the moisture content is not easy to control. Wood with too high moisture content is prone to cracking, mildew, and deformation after a period of time. If the moisture content is too low, the wood will be too brittle and cannot be put into use.

For this 1% they put together [Star Leader]

With reference to national standards, the moisture content of wood in the household industry usually needs to be controlled between 8%-12%. This is beneficial to inhibit the growth of fungi, achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion, and facilitate storage; and make the wood dry shrinkage and swelling relatively stable.

And what is the moisture content of the wood used in the Xing brand pool table? 7% to 10%! This figure is higher than the standard of the home furnishing industry, and it also leads the industry.

For this 1% they put together [Star Leader]

8% and 7% are actually “only” a slight difference of 1%.

But for this 1%, Xingpai made these efforts:

Xingpai pays attention to quality and will not use wood directly to build a table once you buy it. Xingpai has stricter requirements for wood. The wood must be dried to a moisture content of 7%-10%. After that, Xingpai will dry these woods for half a year to adapt them to the natural environment and release stress. Don’t underestimate the past six months, the stability of the wood will become stronger after the stress is released, and the quality of the billiard table will be guaranteed and improved.

A good bottle of wine is inseparable from years of precipitation, and the wood of the star brand also needs time experience.

In the early days, in order to further reduce the moisture content of wood, Xingpai did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to import five drying kilns and use a very difficult drying technology for treatment.

Xingpai’s new factory in Yushan is equipped with professional drying kilns, drying rooms and balance rooms, which shows the strict requirements and attention to wood standards. The balance room will play a role in balancing the moisture content of the wood.

As we all know, there are large differences in humidity between the north and the south in my country. Wood with the same moisture content may be fine in the north, but it may not be able to hold it in the south. The moisture content is further reduced, allowing the billiard table to adapt to different humidity areas, which is a solid assist to the promotion of billiards.

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