Drive the market with competitions, Xingpai harvested orders to win customers’ trust

“I just received an order and a club in Cangzhou has ordered 18 Xingpai pool tables.” Qiu Zengchan, manager of Xingpai Hebei Branch, said excitedly. This scene appeared in the second qualifying round of the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Zhejiang Sub-station-Hebei Cangzhou Qualifying Tournament.

Xingpai harvested orders to win trust


Shining star table in the ball arena

The last time a large-scale game was held in Cangzhou dates back to the 2010 Xingpai billiards storm. Two years later, he returned to Cangzhou and once again opened a door here. Manager Qiu also knows the meaning: “Passed This time the competition in Cangzhou also promoted the star brand in this area. Everyone trusts and recognizes the brand. Just now a club in Cangzhou has ordered 18 star platforms. Now the market in Cangzhou is not bad.” The increase manager introduced.

Drive the market with competition


From left: Qiu Zengchan, manager of Xingpai Hebei Branch, Zhang Jin, manager of Zhangjin Billiards Club, and Wang Bin, Xingpai Sales Director

“This is the second qualifying tournament hosted by Hebei Province. Last year, we hosted the Hebei Provincial Star Cup Championship. In March of this year, the “Mountain Village Old Wine” Cup competition was held in Handan. The impact is also very wide. Fu Xiaofang I also visited the scene to present awards to the winners. Then the first stop of the Xingpai Chinese Billiards Volleyball Qualifying Tournament was held non-stop, held in Shijiazhuang, and then Cangzhou, here is the second stop. Every competition is to promote the star. A good time has also won more and more credibility and trust.”

table tennis cue is well received


The display table of the star cue also welcomes the onlookers of billiards players from time to time

At the Cangzhou Qualifying Tournament, the star club display table also welcomed the onlookers of billiard players from time to time. The players also hope to equip their good skills with a pair of proud equipment. According to Manager Qiu, the clubs Xingpai represent include Adam, Sailor, Viper, ADAM, Club, etc., and these clubs are also widely acclaimed. The different models of Xing Brand tables also cater to the needs of different customers. The customer who just placed an order in Cangzhou ordered the XW116-9A table.

With Xingpai’s hosting of the 2012 CBSA Xingpai Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Xingpai not only brought the game to thousands of households, but also deeply rooted its brand through the competition.

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