Snooker World Open mode started, industry leader Xingpai General Gan answered reporters’ questions

On March 9th, Beijing time, the press conference of the 2014 Snooker Haikou World Open of Gujing Tribute Wine·Year Pure Puree was held in the VIP Building of Hainan New State Guest House. As the official billiards brand service provider of this competition, Mr. Gan Liantong, on behalf of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., answered questions from many media reporters on the spot, and also accepted an exclusive interview with reporters from China Business News after the press conference.

At the press conference, Mr. Gan expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Billiards Association and the Small Ball Center of the State Sports General Administration, because in addition to Xingpai’s own efforts, the support from relevant national parties for the billiards cause is also indispensable. Chairman Gan Liantong also mentioned that Xingpai Billiards has long signed contracts with billiards stars to meet the company’s development needs, and it is an inevitable choice and glorious tradition to form a huge lineup of Xingpai players. Xingpai has the ability and willingness to fund outstanding players, so that they can show their talents and excellent qualities on the world billiards stage; combined with the excellent quality of Xingpai billiards, to jointly promote the healthy development of the world’s billiards. For many years, it is the glory of Xingpai to be able to serve the World Taiwan Federation’s ranking competitions, but this is more determined by the quality of Xingpai’s products and services.

In an exclusive interview after the press conference, Chairman Gan Liantong answered a billiard-related question to a reporter from China Business News: “In the 1980s, billiards entered everyone’s lives through various channels, and reached the goal in the early 1990s. Its development is a small climax. After 2000, especially after Ding Junhui won the championship in 2005, the development of billiards in China ushered in a stage of comprehensive and benign development. At present, the national billiards population has reached 70 to 80 million, and the audience’s enthusiasm for viewing Still high. From the balanced development of the project, we are now vigorously building our own Chinese-style billiards tournaments, hoping to make Chinese-style billiards go to the world. At the same time, the world billiards industry is also at a high level of operation, this is our opportunity From the perspective of Xingpai, we have developed along with the development of Chinese billiards. From the state of starting from scratch in the 1980s to today being the world’s leading brand in the billiards industry, we have experienced many things and experienced many, many things. Hard work, but also a lot.”

“There are also many reasons for choosing to host the game in Hainan. We hope to have a base or a force in the south to form a synergy with the development of the north. Moreover, as a tourist island, Hainan Island itself has many charms and advantages. ; Judging from the feedback from the participating players, everyone is still more interested in coming to Haikou to compete. For the problem of high humidity, the table constant temperature system developed by us has solved this very well. Players can participate in the game like in the north. The same normal level of performance.”

When talking about whether Xingwei will support such a worldwide Chinese billiards competition one day, Mr. Gan said that the company is working hard to support the domestic and international development of Chinese billiards to make its own contribution, hoping to balance Chinese and Chinese billiards. The development of the British style will one day bring the Chinese-style billiards project that Chinese people love to the world stage.

Finally, Mr. Gan mentioned that the development of billiards under the new situation requires the use of ingenuity, combined with the most popular new media methods, such as WeChat platform and APP platform. Xingpai will continue to increase investment in new product research and development and improve the level of service to customers, and then enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company through business cooperation and competition propaganda systems. Judging from the development trend of the entire billiard industry, everyone is still optimistic about the development of billiards, but it requires a process. As a company with a sense of responsibility for the development of billiards, Xingpai also needs to work hard to cultivate the “fertile soil” of billiards, through a series of work to let more people “pick up the cue” and engage in this sport deeply. .

Ding Junhui, a famous player in attendance, also answered reporters’ questions. He still has enthusiastic expectations for breaking Hendry’s single-season ranking championship title this season. However, many things need to be done well, adjust his mentality, and play. Good every game. He really likes participating in the World Open in Haikou, where the humanities and natural landscapes are very unique, and the competition in “The End of the World” is a kind of enjoyment in itself.

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