Xingpai specialty stores gather high-quality goods, brand products are dazzling

Billiards has been developed in China for nearly 30 years. The ups and downs during the period have left countless people in the industry mixed with joy, bitterness, pride and loneliness; however, it is beyond doubt that China’s billiards It has grown stronger and the number of participants has exceeded 60 million. When it comes to the development of billiards in China, an unavoidable name will inevitably be mentioned heavily, and that is Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.-Xingpai.

In the course of the development of Chinese billiards, Xingpai has always played the role of promoter and guide: it was Xingpai who took the initiative to introduce the brand concept into the billiards industry, and then many other domestic billiards companies began to focus on brand building; Xingpai took the lead in introducing modern corporate mechanisms to make billiard equipment companies bigger and stronger, and only a few domestic companies followed the path; Xingpai creatively established its own sales channels nationwide and achieved great success until today This model is still the goal pursued by Chinese billiard companies; in 2012, Xingpai launched another major initiative: 32 Xingpai specialty stores will be grandly opened on May 1st!

Today, the great charm of chain management has been revealed, but the billiard industry still does not have a chain store in the true sense. After careful market research and analysis, Xingpai has been adhering to the business philosophy of daring to be the first in the world. The launch of 32 star brand stores at the same time was a pioneering work in the industry, and it has also received enthusiastic responses from many manufacturers in the billiard industry. The location of the Xingpai specialty store is determined on the basis of careful research and analysis. It includes areas with high levels of economic development such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Fujian, as well as Liaoning, Henan, and Yunnan with a strong billiard culture atmosphere. In the area, the decoration and layout of these specialty stores is nearing completion.

In terms of the products operated by the specialty store, in addition to the regular Xingpai boutique tables and cues, Xingpai has launched a number of high-end new products, including the high-end handmade cue that Xingpai cooperates with the World Billiards Federation, and the Xingpai national Chinese style. Billiards ranking game dedicated table, dedicated cue, star private table, etc. At the same time, major world billiard equipment brands such as Japan’s ADAM, American lucky, STAY and other famous cue brands, as well as vipers, sailors, storms and other well-known brand balls for fans. The club will also be unveiled gorgeously; what is more worthy of the fans’ expectation is that Xingpai has also launched many new products in personal equipment, a variety of leather club cases, cue bags, chocolate holsters, three-finger gloves and other products are dazzling. Fans have unlimited surprises.

With unified decoration style, unified management mode, and unified operation mode, 32 product specialty stores have opened nationwide. This is the first time in the history of China’s billiard industry. Xingpai has once again stood at the forefront of the industry. Guide the transformation of the entire industry’s sales methods.

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