“Rocket Ball King” flies to China Star

At the start of the 2011 World Snooker Shanghai Masters, the reporter learned at the Shanghai Xingpai press conference on September 3 that the world’s outstanding snooker star O’Sullivan, known as the “Rocket”, and the world snooker Trump, who has the most potential, officially signed a contract with China Xingpai; at the same time, the Xingpai pool table (whether British or fancy) also includes the game tables of the world’s top billiards events. The perfect leap for global usage. Officials and guests from the World Professional Snooker Association, China Billiards Association, Shanghai Billiards Association, leaders of Shanghai East Asia Group, Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and dozens of media reporters attended the Xingpai press conference.

Xingpai signed the two players not only because of their skills, but also because of their appreciation and love for Xingpai. The two people have a common move, that is, they changed to both in their own private practice room in the UK two years ago. The star table, began to show their skills on the star table. As the most talented snooker player, O’Sullivan has an extraordinary personal charm. He has won 22 ranked championship titles, won three world championships, scored a full score of 147 points 11 times and created the shortest time to achieve Full score record. And Trump is obviously another myth in the history of billiards after Ding Junhui. The young Trump, now ranked tenth in the world, became a professional snooker player five years ago. With his outstanding talents and Assiduously, he won his first career championship at the Beijing China Open in the 2010-2011 season and reached the final in the subsequent World Championships. He is regarded as the future successor of the snooker world. .

The Xingpai table became the first to pass the national competition table certification in 1990. In 1993, it passed the Asian competition table certification. In 1998, it passed the international competition certification. In 2007, it passed the world professional snooker certification. Approved by the Billiards Committee, (this is the second table approved since the establishment of the association). Last year, Xingpai was approved by the World Pool Association Fancy Nine Table. After 20 years of hard work, Xingpai has included the world’s British style. Qualified as the table for the top fancy competitions, becoming one of the world’s largest billiard companies and one of the most famous billiard brands. Xingpai’s development path is to build a strong brand with strong sports and follow a famous brand strategy. Under this big goal, Xingpai insists on independent innovation, continuously improves the industrial technology level and market competitiveness, and gradually establishes a research and development system, marketing system, and production. The pattern of interactive development of the system, event promotion, celebrity market making, and the “maximization” of brand strength have established the status of the world’s number one billiard brand.

September 2011 is the big month of billiards competitions, and also the month of the stellar whirlwind, World Snooker Shanghai Masters, Guangzhou Snooker Championship, Russian Snooker Championship, Brazil Snooker Invitational, Shenyang The World Women’s Nine-Ball Championship and the Philippine Nine-Ball Masters have started one after another. With high-standard and high-quality tables, Xingpai has become the flagship of the global billiards industry, creating new brilliance for Chinese national brands to enter the world.

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