World Taiwan Federation officials sincerely thank Xingpai and praise the Xingpai table

The 2015 World Snooker China Open kicked off its first day of competition on March 30th. The Snooker China Open is China’s first international large-scale billiards tournament in 2015.

World Professional Billiard Association (WPBSA) Chairman Jason Ferguson and World Snooker Association Commercial Director Mills Pierce after the just concluded Thailand Snooker PTC Finals. I rushed to China the first time to conduct a strict inspection on the game scene and the table. The star table used in the game was highly appraised and recognized. They think that the Xingpai table can be said to be perfect, both in terms of performance and appearance!

During the game, Mr. Jason Ferguson and Mr. Mills Pierce had a long conversation with the Stars. Mills said: The World Snooker China Open is the best and best professional snooker game in Asia. It has a strong team, the best and most standard designated table, and a special thanks to Xingpai for snooker. His support has been dedicated to the entire billiards game.

Speaking of tables and stars, the chairman of the World Billiards Federation Jason Ferguson is also eloquent: the table of the stars is the most standard table for snooker in the world, with a standard pocket, a flat table top, and a comfortable playing feeling. It is the best I have ever encountered. At the same time, the two officials also spoke highly of the first Chinese Billiards World Championship. They thought that the Chinese table made by Xingpai was very beautiful and was highly recognized by players from many countries in the world. Many international players also expressed their desire to buy Xingpai Chinese tables. , I hope to increase the practice of Chinese billiards and participate in the Chinese Billiards World Championships in the future. Finally, Xingpai and Xingpai put forward many good suggestions and ideas in co-hosting the Chinese Billiards World Championships, hoping to make the Chinese Billiards World Championships better and better, so that players from more countries can participate. In this regard, Xingpai also said that it will do its best to produce high-quality tables in the world and make due contributions to the sound development of billiards.

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