Xingpai cordially approached the British BBC to reach preliminary cooperation

At the end of the third day of the Daqing Snooker International Championship, which just broke a hundred with 74 strokes and created a new event, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), one of the largest news broadcasters in the world and the largest news broadcaster in the UK, arrived at Xingpai’s headquarters. , And the chairman Gan Liantong and the deputy general manager Gan Jialing cordially approached.

BBC staff expressed their admiration for Xingpai ( for the development of world billiards over the years. At the same time, it gives high praise to the excellent quality of Xingpai products in the world. The BBC interviewed a number of players during the competition, and all of them were impeccable on the equipment (star pool table), which provided a guarantee for the players to perform in an excellent state.

During the meeting, the two parties had an in-depth conversation on the future development of billiards worldwide and the promotion of star brands and events, and initially reached a cooperation intention. After the meeting, the BBC conducted a long-term exclusive interview with Chairman Gan Liantong, and gained a deeper understanding of Xingpai’s contribution to the development of Chinese billiards and the world. Finally, they had an in-depth conversation with Gan Jialing, deputy general manager, on specific cooperation details in future events and publicity.

After, Chairman Gan Liantong expressed his gratitude and welcome to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to Xingpai, which broadened the channels for the world to better understand Xingpai. In the future, Xingpai will work closely with the China Billiards Association and other billiard organizations around the world to further expand the promotion of Xingpai in China and the world, and further expand the sales of Xingpai products worldwide. Finally, he expressed his hope to reach an early cooperation with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

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