Ding Junhui kicks off a new journey with the championship, Star Four signs with the king of Haikou to compete for the championship

On February 20, 2012, star signing player Ding Junhui won 9-7 Lexelby in the final of the Welsh Open and won the fifth ranked championship trophy in his career. Winning the championship is the end of a journey, but also the beginning of the other end of the journey. A week later, Ding Junhui will join the other three star contract players O’Sullivan, Trump and Williams to join the “Star Cup”. The championship trophy of the Nok Haikou World Open launched an impact.

The “Xingpai” billiard table was tested by the World Professional Taiwan Federation in 2007 and obtained the qualification certificate of the world’s top competitions. It became the designated table for the World Snooker China Open that year, rewriting the use of the World Taiwan Federation in the past 35 years. The history of a British brand pool table as a pool table for world competitions has become a model for Chinese-made sports equipment to enter the international market. Xingpai also maintains a high standard in the selection of signed players. Only the best players in the world can represent the quality and image of the Xingpai table.

As a representative of the star signing players, Ding Junhui signed with Xingpai as early as April 2003, and won the championship by defeating the billiard emperor Hendry at the Snooker China Open in April of the same year. Since then, Ding Junhui’s results have risen steadily. He has won two British Championships, a Northern Ireland Cup and a Welsh Open. With 5 ranked championships, he has become a leader among the players born in the 80s and is also a star. The best spokesperson for quality.

In 2011, Xingpai completed two blockbuster signings and signed with two of the most popular players in China-“Rocket” O’Sullivan and “Genius Boy” Trump. O’Sullivan’s status in today’s snooker world is self-evident. The three World Championships champions, eleven out of 147, and the fastest player of 147 are all O’Sullivan’s records; Trump in 2011 At the Knock China Open, he won the championship and became an instant hit. In the subsequent World Championships, Trump reached the final again, and his popularity continued to rise. After signing the star card, Trump and O’Sullivan successively won the ranking championship, and while vying for their own honor, they did not live up to the expectations of the star card.

In 2012, Xingpai’s signing players once again ushered in a Uranus-level player-Mark Williams. From February 27th to March 4th, 2012, the “Star Cup” Snooker Haikou World Open will be held. Ding Junhui, O’Sullivan, Trump and Williams will compete with many masters. Attack the champion.

As the organizer and sponsor of the Snooker Haikou World Open, Chairman Gan Lianfang of Beijing Xingpai Group promised to work with the Small Ball Sports Management Center, Hainan Provincial Government, Haikou Municipal Government, and World Snooker Association to provide professional standards Create a top snooker tournament that will attract the attention of the world’s billiard fans and make Chinese fans proud. Mr. Gan Liantong, vice chairman of Xingpai Group, said that building a strong brand with strong sports and following a famous brand strategy is Xingpai’s development path. Under this big goal, Xingpai insists on independent innovation and continuously improves its industrial technology level and market competitiveness. Gradually establish a pattern of interactive development of R&D system, marketing system, and production system. Event promotion, star market creation, and brand strength to “maximize” have established the leading flagship position of the billiard industry.

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