Xingpai will make a big step into the Japanese billiard industry, Musashi helps its local distribution

On May 10, 2015, the 9th Guangzhou International Billiards and Auxiliary Facilities Exhibition continued. Xingpai will further promote cooperation, and Musashi will distribute Xingpai tables to Japan, which also means that Xingpai will step into the Japanese billiards industry.

As the top brand of billiard cue, Musashi, which is loved by everyone, focuses on manufacturing special cue for export to the United States, and has grown steadily as a billiard cue manufacturer. Xingpai made great moves in this exhibition. Not only did it participate in the largest booth, but also formed a strategic cooperation with the three clubs. Since then, Xingpai once again announced that it will expand the market to Japan, and Musashi is in charge of its distribution business.

After years of accumulation, Xingpai tables have technical patents and produce different characteristic tables for different customer groups. Now, Xingpai opens the Japanese channel through Musashi, and the products will enter the Japanese market through Musashi. This is undoubtedly a star. Another breakthrough of the card.

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