Xing brand cue won the designated club of Snooker China Open


The world-renowned billiard supplies brand-“Xingpai” has become the long-term designated table for the World Billiards Federation snooker competitions. In recent years, it has focused on the development and launch of billiard cue products. The China Open Organizing Committee reached a consensus that a variety of snooker clubs launched by Xingpai became the designated clubs for the 2012 Snooker China Open. This is the second time that Xingpai cue has become the designated pole of the world’s top snooker event in 2012. Previously, Xingpai cue has already shown its prowess in the Xingpai Cup Snooker Haikou World Open. The dazzling appearance and excellent quality of the brand cue are full of praise. The selection of Xingpai clubs for the Snooker China Open is also based on the recognition of the quality of Xingpai products.

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