The billiard table enters the family, Xingpai creates a new blue ocean in the industry, Pan Xiaoting praises “Yaju”

In China, billiards is the best non-Olympic sports event with the strongest mass base. In the world, Xingpai is the number one brand in the billiards field and the leader of industry development trends. At the just-concluded 36th Sports Expo, Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. impressed the audience with new technology and environmental protection products developed by new solid wood materials: the world snooker competition table showed the king style, and the mahogany carvings The family table is elegant and luxurious. Two Chinese pool tables specially designed for clubs and dealers integrate innovation and technology, which are practical and environmentally friendly. During the exhibition, customers and visitors from all over the world surrounded Xingpai, bustling with excitement and excitement.


To seek development through innovation and to lead the development trend of the industry has always been the direction of Xingpai. Many years ago, Xingpai has completed the service upgrade from product manufacturer to event contractor and industrial operator. In this sports expo, Xingpai, after extensive research and in-depth research and development, solemnly launched the brand-new “Yaju” series of family products to create a new blue ocean in the billiard industry. It is understood that the Yaju series of products are mainly for family use. It has achieved a comprehensive lead in materials, craftsmanship, design and other aspects, and embodies the new concept of “Xingpai-Yuedong Billiards, Healthy Life”. The use of a new patented hidden connection structure, the wiping color adopts Grace craftsmanship, showing a natural wood grain effect; using imported high-end wood, it is the first domestic product to use water-based paint, which is more environmentally friendly; the design style is simple and atmospheric, and the table body structure is made With a special design, a table is changeable and can be used as a dining table, which has multiple functions such as business negotiations and leisure gatherings.


As the world’s No. 1 brand, Xingpai’s appeal in the billiards field is unquestionable. During the Expo, billiard stars such as “9 Ball Queen” Pan Xiaoting, British “Magic” Merlin, and South Korea “Little Witch” Kim Ka-young, etc. With the help of Xingpai, during the whole exhibition period, the audience had close interactions including fancy performances, football skills competitions, and group photos for souvenirs. The arrival of celebrities attracted a large number of audiences, making the Xingpai booth very popular. Some audience laughed and said that “famous brand + celebrity” was really extraordinary.



Stars such as Pan Xiaoting, Mei Lin and Jin Jiaying personally experienced the Yaju pool table and were full of praise for “Yaju”. Pan Xiaoting said: Yaju products are elegant and fresh in appearance, safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful, and are very suitable for entering the family. Meilin and Jin Jiaying are also very interested in the Yaju series products. They believe that the Yaju series are more beautiful and practical than similar foreign products, and they are not inferior to foreign brands from the perspective of environmental protection.



From the establishment of the factory in 1987 to today, Xingpai has experienced a difficult journey from a product manufacturer to an event operator to becoming the only brand company in the world that operates snooker and Chinese billiards and three world-class events. The brand not only opened up a model for the billiard industry, but also provided a successful model for the development of the global sports industry. Relying on the global billiard history and culture, relying on the scale of the Chinese billiards market, and integrating the resources of the global billiard industry, culture, stars, products, etc., in 2017, Xingwei Sports built the Yushan International Billiards Cultural Industry Project in Yushan, Jiangxi. “Xingpai Billiards Industrial Park” and “China Billiards E-commerce Industrial Park” consist of three parts. Xingwei Sports plans to build Yushan into the world’s billiards cultural center and industrial center.


In the future, Xingpai will use the trend of the big health industry to promote family health, let family billiard tables enter thousands of households, promote the development of national health, and cooperate with the competition to promote the in-depth popularization of billiards and make the entire billiard industry continue to prosper , To contribute to the national fitness industry and people’s better life.

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