Xingpai Superstar Service Storm: The Xingpai initiative brings great benefits to Ku8 Club

How attractive is the billiard superstar? Just look at the star billiards club that has been crowded recently. As Xingpai’s “Superstar Service Storm” activity is getting better, the billiards boom and business boom brought by many of the top stars under Xingpai’s arrival in the ball room have made all the owners of the ball room excited. Among them, Wang Li, owner of Ningxia Wuzhong’s Ku 8 Snooker Club, is deeply impressed. Looking at the bustling crowd in the ball room, Wang Li said from the bottom of his heart: The support provided by the star card to the ball room and the benefits brought to our ball room are too great!

Boss Wang’s remarks can be regarded as expressing the aspirations of many ball house owners. Since September 2012, since Xingpai set off this “superstar service storm”, every star club has eagerly hoped that Xingpai signed superstars can visit their clubs. There is no other reason. The arrival of billiards stars can bring huge benefits to the ball room-not only a direct increase in turnover, but more importantly, it can build a reputation in the hearts of fans, and lay a better long-term good operation in the future. basis. In addition, for Wang Li, there are additional meanings-Wang Li himself is a billiards enthusiast himself, and loves to play billiards in his spare time. To be able to see the idol in my heart with my own eyes, even though I have been running the ball room for so long, I still feel a little uncomfortable.

What the boss of Wu Zhongku 8 Wang thinks is the epitome of the mentality of many star billiard club owners. While being able to buy the best table and the most complete after-sales service, you can also get the support of the activities of the star-branded signing stars, so that all of you are lucky. “Everyone began to value the brand status of Xingpai, and I also believed that Xingpai tables have good quality and good after-sales service. At that time, I also thought that Xingpai had many big-name contracted stars, but I did not expect that there would be such a intensive service storm of stars. Moreover, with so many Xingpai ball rooms, we did not expect such a good thing to be our turn. Xingpai considers our ball rooms so carefully. As a leading company in the industry, Xingpai can do so much. I am really touched. “Looking at the hot business scene, Boss Wang said with emotion.


Cool 8 King and Mark jointly presented awards to the players


The crowds of fans in the Cool 8 Club only come for Mark


Mark came to the Ku 8 Club and was warmly welcomed by the leaders of Wuzhong City, and the local media also reported vigorously

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