Xingpai upgrades and replaces the Red Toner National Ranking Tournament with better performance

The 2012 CBSA National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Zhejiang Province is going on intensely. The exciting, ups and downs of the game has attracted the attention of fans across the country, because the platform used in this game is a new technology upgrade product launched by Xingpai, and its performance is even better. Excellent, also makes the game very exciting. The players on the field showed their magical powers and competed for victory. The ball house owners who came from all over the field to watch the game also made frequent shots on the ownership of the table for this game, adding a lot of tidbits to the game.

The game table for this game is the latest product developed by the Xingpai R&D team in cooperation with China Forestry University, Beijing Sport University, the World Billiards Federation testing agency, and many billiard world champions. Many aspects such as library accuracy, Nippon hardness, surface bonding, rubber edge elasticity, bag mouth inclination, cloth thickness, slate flatness, hardware specifications, etc. have been improved and upgraded, so that every component that may affect the performance of the table is made. Within the scope of the standard. At the same time, Xingpai uses data to standardize the production process during the production process, and uses molds and inspection tools for actual measurement to ensure the uniformity and quality stability of all products.

After the verification of this competition, the contestants spoke highly of the competition, which made the owners of the earth room who came to watch the game greatly moved. Boss Chen from Ningbo, Boss Zhang from Cixi and the owner of the British Championship Club Xu Yuanfang were all interested. Leaving this batch of game consoles left Chen Xiao, general manager of Xingpai Zhejiang Branch, in a dilemma. Everyone is an old friend, and it is not appropriate to give it to anyone or not. At the time of the dilemma, Boss Chen, who came from Jinhua, was also embarrassed. Put forward the request to buy a table, Mr. Chen had to sit down and discuss carefully with everyone. Finally, considering that the table has been installed in the British Championship Club, everyone decided to keep the game table with Mr. Xu. The tables ordered by Ningbo, Cixi and Jinhua will be with Xu. A total of 30 additional tables will be shipped here.

The boss Xu Yuanfang, who finally left the game table, was very comfortable and said with a smile: “The quality, brand reputation and after-sales service of Xingpai tables have always been very good. For so many years, they have been a golden sign in the eyes of players. This time the product is upgraded. , The playing experience of the table is more comfortable. I also saw and heard the players’ comments with my own eyes, so I made up my mind to place an order.” Boss Chen from Ningbo also said: “Xingpai’s products are good, and the service is in place. I’m very touched by the fact that such a big game is being held here, and people are also allocated to repair the table at my place.”

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