Xingpai Exchange Meeting, Ding Junhui Trump and other four generals had a great conversation

Gujing Gongjiu·Year Pure Puree 2014 Snooker Haikou World Open officially kicked off today at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the official star card for the official event, it invited 4 of its contracted players who have not had a game to gather together. Under the auspices of CCTV’s celebrity Jiang Yi, with the star card as a link, talk with everyone about billiard life.

Last week, Trump, who had just broken the ten-month championship drought, won the Champions League, and was asked how he felt about working with Xingpai for many years. This authentic “Xingpai family” said: “Xingpai gives Thanks to my great support, I really enjoy the cooperation with Xingpai. I think Xingpai’s pool table is very good. I hope that we can continue to cooperate with it in the future to increase my popularity. I also hope that Xingpai will develop more and more. it is good.”

As the host player and also the best player this season, Ding Junhui has received a lot of attention. When the reporter asked him to practice and live in the UK most of the year, when he was homesick, what he would do after training, and what role Xingpai played in this, Ding Junhui replied with a smile: “Xingpai” The past few years have brought me a lot of help. In the past few years, my grades were not very good, but they always encouraged me. At that time, I was lack of encouragement and support. I am not so lonely in a foreign country. The British ball room also provided me with a lot of help to train to ensure the quality of my practice. After practice, life in the UK is still quite boring. Sometimes I also send text messages to Mawei. My practice time is not particularly fixed. But every day is in the range of 3-6 hours.”

Mark Williams, who was invited to participate in Chinese billiards activities many times last year, mentioned the development of Chinese billiards, “seriously” said: “I have participated in Chinese billiards games with Higgins, and I especially enjoyed this process. If I can, I will also. I want to install a Chinese-style table at home, practice more, and aspire to become a professional Chinese-style billiard player.”

As one of the “Seven Five Three Great Masters”, Higgins gave a high praise to the star table many years ago. When asked about his current opinion, the “Wizard” said, “The Xingpai table is a dedicated table for the World Taiwan Federation. I think it is an excellent pool table in the world. World Taiwan Federation and Xingpai are two high-standard companies. The strong alliance provides excellent equipment support for the players. As a member of Xingpai, I am honored and will continue to cooperate with it to promote Xingpai in the future.”

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