Sun Xiaopei: Harmonious and harmonious cooperation with Xingpai for 6 years, Harpu aims at the Yangtze River Delta

The CBSA “Xingpai·Happi” Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is fiercely fighting in Nantong. The venue and naming unit of this tournament, Sun Xiaopei, general manager of the Happi Billiards Club, recalled 6 years of long-term cooperation experience with Xingpai in an interview with reporters. , And said that Happ Club will continue to work with Xingpai to promote the development of billiards in the Yangtze River Delta.

As a well-known domestic manager of the ball room, Sun Xiaopei started running the billiard club as early as 2007. At that time, Sun Xiaopei’s first billiard company was Xingpai. “I have been in contact with Xingpai for a relatively long time, and I am also Xingpai’s first strategic partner. The first billiard club I ran used the Xingpai table and cooperated with Xingpai for many activities. Very good. Xingpai has great support for billiards, and we also hope to use Xingpai to make a little contribution to Chinese billiards.” Sun Xiaopei said.

The National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament hosted by Xingpai last year started fiercely. After Sun Xiaopei knew the news for the first time, he was interested in participating in this tournament. At the end of 2012, Sun Xiaopei established the Harp Billiards Club in his hometown of Nantong. In less than half a year, Sun Xiaopei brought the Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament to Nantong.

Sun Xiaopei believes that it is of great significance to hold the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Nantong. “The leading position of Xingpai is obvious to all. The effects of this game have fully met expectations. Nantong is a third-tier city, and the level of billiards development generally lags behind that of big players. Zhongcheng City. It is the first time that such a big game settles in Nantong. It is a rare opportunity for Nantong billiards fans. It will greatly help to enhance the company’s reputation, and the significance of Nantong billiards is also immeasurable.”

Nantong Harpu Penalty Club is Harpu’s first direct store. Two Harpu clubs have opened in the country within half a year. When talking about the development goals of Harpu Club, Sun Xiaopei said: “The economic comparison of the Yangtze River Delta Developed, but the development of billiards is far from that of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. We are committed to making the development of billiards in Nantong and the Yangtze River Delta to a higher level.

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