Industry hopes for standards, fans hope for standards

More than 30 years ago, China’s first batch of simple billiard rooms opened in the early days of reform and opening up. At that time, Chinese billiards had just started. But looking back on the 30-year history, it is not difficult to find that as the center of gravity of global billiards gradually shifts to China, Chinese billiards, especially Chinese billiards, are showing a wheel-like growth. According to incomplete statistics, the construction of billiard clubs in China has increased by more than 60% in the past two years, and the total number of large and small rooms is nearly 50,000. The specific number of Chinese pool tables is difficult to count, but it is estimated that it should account for more than 80% of the total number of tables. ; Various Chinese billiards tournaments are blooming all over the country.

Under the appearance of the vigorous development of Chinese-style billiard events, it is not difficult to find the drawbacks: many events only pursue short-term effects and lack long-term planning; excessive emphasis on brand promotion, ignoring the essence of billiards; emphasizing popularity, but ignoring the implementation of rules… These have brought negative effects on the healthy development of billiards.

The homogeneity of the competition, the industry is worried about vicious competition

In recent years, as billiard clubs have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, they have disappeared silently like autumn wind, making us vaguely feel a bloody smell during the game. The survival of the fittest is the only law of nature, and the market will only leave the best.

The author combed through the many Chinese billiard events in the past two years and found that, at present, domestic clubs or companies package the game as a profitable product, which has caused a serious homogenization of the entire market-whether it is an open or a competition. Regardless of whether it is a club or a company, the organization is basically a relatively simple event, and then invite some outstanding players or celebrities to participate in order to increase popularity.

Maybe these are things that many practitioners have not noticed. However, in the business environment, if a large number of the same products appear, competition will inevitably result, and vicious competition will inevitably appear in the near future.

The author visited some of the organizers of club tournaments, and a ballroom manager expressed his concerns: “The invitation of outstanding players or celebrities is mainly to increase the attractiveness from bonuses or appearance fees. If there are too many tournaments to form vicious competition and comparison, Naturally, bonuses and playing fees will continue to increase. On the other hand, in order to attract more players to participate, we have to reduce the participation fees, which is naturally not conducive to our own survival. If things go on like this, cheating will inevitably occur in the end. , Organizers lose money, etc. Moreover, if all competitions develop according to such a model, not only will they become less and less distinctive, it will also be detrimental to the promotion and development of Chinese billiards.”

The rules are not uniform, and the level of ability cannot be judged, bothering fans

Speaking of the rules of Chinese billiards, the friends around me said: “Chinese billiards are played all over the country, but the rules of different games are like dialects. The country can speak at least hundreds of ways! There is no formal game, standard rules, we You can only use it as entertainment, not take it seriously.”

I borrowed the Internet to conduct a search, and I saw a variety of rules. A player on the Internet asked about the rules of Chinese billiards. Another netizen replied: “There are many black eight rules. Basically every game has its own rules, because the black eight involves too many details. There are different kinds of rules. In general, there are countless kinds of rules. Even local rules. For example, each city in Northeast China basically has its own local rules, but the general rules are similar, but the details are different. There is no world-class definition. Each country’s city makes its own rules according to its own mood. Our circle of friends often uses the rules of the China Taiwan Association for games. Because they are closer to us.”

And even some golfers gave this suggestion: “The rules of the black eight are different in different places. Sometimes people in different places have different ways to play, and even various games use multiple rules. The outcome is different. Fa said that the level of technical level is even more impossible to judge. It is recommended to play more snooker. At least the rules are unified and there is not so much controversy.”

It is not difficult to see from this that the inconsistent rules of Chinese billiards have become one of the factors that hinder its development into a world sport alongside snooker.

The official tournament broke the chaos and created the commanding heights of Chinese billiards

Fortunately, the Small Ball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration discovered these problems. In May 2012, the Chinese billiards rules (draft) were promulgated and the “National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament” was launched to regulate the healthy development of Chinese billiards.

Approved by the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration of China, this event is an official national game sponsored by the China Billiards Association. The competition adopts a points system and is incorporated into the national ranking system, which is sorted according to the players’ points. This is currently the highest-level Chinese billiard event in China.

As a leading star in the industry, it has undertaken the event with the concept of bravely shouldering corporate social responsibility and making unremitting efforts for the development of the industry, bringing a new vision of Chinese billiards on wheels. On May 23, the only officially recognized event will kick off in Zhengzhou.

To measure the level of development of a sport, an important basis is the mass basis of the sport. Today, the mass base of Chinese billiards is snowballing. The introduction of official points and rankings will also further activate the people’s enthusiasm for participation. I believe that Chinese billiards will occupy a more prominent position on the world billiards map in the near future!

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