On August 15, 2016, the Chinese Taiwan Association Super League Player Selection Match ended in Suzhou. This competition is also the first time since the establishment of the Taiwan Association of China to hold a professional billiards league including snooker, American nine-ball, and Chinese billiards, attracting top players including world champions Ke Bingyi, Han Yu, Chen Siming, Shi Hanqing, etc. Participate.

This pool of snooker, American nine-ball, and Chinese billiards, which are the most popular in China, is similar to the professional football and basketball leagues in the form of professional football and basketball leagues such as the Chinese Super League and CBA. It is unprecedented in history and is the first in the world. And this also discourages table manufacturers who want to sponsor the game, because the domestic manufacturers that can select three tables of snooker, American nine-ball, and Chinese billiards at the same time as the designated table supplier for the game, in addition to Xingpai, don’t No other home.

Take the snooker table as an example. Since the Xingpai pool table passed the technical appraisal of the World Professional Snooker Federation in 2007, the Xingpai pool table has successively become the World Snooker Championship, the British Championship, the Chinese Open, and the Shanghai Master. Officially designated platform for World Snooker Professional Ranking events such as the German Masters, World Open, and International Championships. Regarding the Chinese billiard table, the two Chinese Billiard World Championships have made the “Officially Designated Table of the Chinese Billiard World Championship” famous all over the world. As a partner of the World Pool Association and the International Billiards Federation, Xingpai’s fancy table has always been the official designated table for the games of the two major associations. The impeccable quality and rich experience of the competition have made the Xingpai billiard table win the world’s reputation.

In order to ensure that the game is foolproof, Xingpai equipped the “Snooker World Championship” official designated table for the China Taiwan Association Super League snooker competition; equipped the “Chinese Billiard World Championship” official designated table for the Chinese billiard game; it is American style The nine-ball match is equipped with an officially designated table for the “World 9-ball China Open”. These three star-brand boutique tables will “escort” the event and strive to ensure the normal and orderly progress of the event. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Xingpai has “sacrificed” its three “magic weapons” in an event, and it can be said that it has used “a great power”.

At this milestone in the history of Chinese billiards, Xingpai billiards once again stood up, and with its long history, good reputation, and rich experience in competitions, it became the designated table supplier of the China National Taiwan Association Super League. Xingpai, once again standing at the forefront of history, continues to contribute its own strength to the development of China’s billiard industry.

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