Xingpai launches new service measures again, and superstar shines to boost the development of ball room operation

In September of the golden autumn, the harvest season, merchants have always said that “golden nine silver ten”. Recently, the leading star of China’s billiards industry has made another major move to add fire to this hot season: from September to November, many superstars under Xingpai will visit billiard clubs across the country in turn, starting a round The superstar service ball room boosted the big storm of operation, its strength and scope were wide.

A mature and complete sports project, the appeal and influence of celebrities cannot be underestimated, and the same is true for billiards. The birth of Ding Junhui has made many people realize the excitement of billiards, contact and love the sport; the charming style of nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting has made many people discover the charm of billiards, and since then they have started to pay attention to billiards. It’s just that these idol superstars appear more on TV, so far away from ordinary fans. For those ball room operators, if these well-known superstars can come to the ball room, it will undoubtedly have a huge boost to the management of the ball room.

In order to repay the numerous ball rooms that have firmly supported Xingpai for a long time, and to satisfy the desire of many fans to see idol stars, from September to the beginning of November, all first-line superstars under Xingpai will visit each ball room to bring fans to the fans. Come to a sumptuous billiard feast. Fu Xiaofang, World Nine-Ball Open Women Champion, multiple World Fancy Billiard Championships champion, Alison Fisher, who has the title of “Duke of Destruction”, World Women’s Fancy Billiard Open Champion, 10 Ball World Championship Gold Jiaying, “Golden Left-hand” Mark Williams, a new generation of snooker geniuses, “Quasi God” Trump and the most familiar Chinese billiards representatives Ding Junhui and Pan Xiaoting will all participate in this star brand. In the billiards storm, while dedicating wonderful skills to the fans, it also promoted the development of each ball room.

Xingpai has spent huge sums of money to integrate many star resources to support the development of the ball room. It has been adhering to and insisting on the business philosophy of “customer first, service first, and common development” for many years. I believe that in Xingpai and the majority of fans and ball rooms With our joint efforts, Chinese billiards are bound to get better and better.

Star Signing Stars’ Activities Schedule:

September 10th: Fu Xiaofang Shanghai Xingpai Billiards Club

September 11: Alison Fisher Shanghai Star Club

September 12: Jin Jiaying Shanghai Star Club

September 12: Mark Williams, Shandong Binzhou

September 13th: Mark Williams Ningxia Wu Zhong

September 14th: Mark Williams, Yulin, Shaanxi

September 15th: Mark Williams, Xi’an, Shaanxi

September 16th: Trump and Ding Junhui Shanghai Star Club Opening Ceremony

September 17th: Alison Fisher, Zhejiang

September 18th: Alison Fisher, Jiangsu

September 26: Li Hewen, Inner Mongolia

October 24: Trump Zibo, Shandong

October 25th: Trump, Shangrao, Jiangxi

October 26: Trump, Shenyang, Liaoning

Early November: Ding Junhui, Changchun, Jilin

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