Xingpai Superstar Trum Putin City Fans Meet and Show Chinese Billiards

On March 22, Trump, a world superstar and star sign player who came to Beijing to participate in the Snooker China Open, arrived in the capital. After getting off the plane, Trump, despite the exhaustion of the journey, participated in the fan meeting held by the Shengshi Wonderful Billiards Club located in the Beijing Olympic Sports Center and the Shunyi Black Lake Billiards Club under the arrangement of Xingpai.

At the meeting, Trump and Chinese fans discussed the skills of Chinese billiards. His accuracy as always amazed the fans, and Trump also enjoyed the fun of Chinese billiards. In fact, Trump has been in contact with Chinese billiards for a long time. In 2012, at the Suzhou fan meeting, he also showed off his strokes. Trump said: “Chinese billiards are very interesting. It is very different from snooker. I like this sport very much.” There is another star-signed player who shares the same opinion with Trump- World champion Mark Williams, Mark also showed off Chinese billiards every time he went to the Star Superstar Storm event last year, and even said with a smile that he would definitely participate in the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament if he had a chance.

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