The brand effect of Xingpai National Games highlights the June Jiangsu billiards hot star brand

We say that in June 2013, in Jiangsu Province, China, billiards were very hot. The World Tour Asia in Yixing, the World Snooker Classic in Wuxi, and the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Nantong, Jiangsu Station were overwhelming. , Fans and friends can be regarded as “feasting” once.


Jiangsu fans are very enjoyable

At the same time, as a strong supporter of the event and a promoter of official partners, Xingpai’s product sales are also frequently reported. The Yixing stadium and Wuxi stadium have been subscribed on the spot one after another, and orders for star products from the Jiangsu region are also flooding. Brand events, brand effects, Xingpai came to the arena with updated products and service concepts, came to Jiangsu, increased its own brand influence, also brought value to customers, and was recognized by customers. During the competition, people from the industry continued to come to the arena to contact Xingpai staff, many of whom were in the tee-off and tee-off rooms. They received professional guidance from Xingpai and the latest industry information.


Fans watching the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament spend on-site at the venue

Especially the Jiangsu Station of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament has nurtured the local billiard culture, which has been recognized by relevant people. It is particularly gratifying that the leaders of the local sports and cultural departments in Jiangsu attach great importance to the promotion of local billiards and have given very strong support to various competitions. Among them, the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament coincides with the local Datang International Company hosting the game. The company personnel have a better understanding of billiards and a better understanding of the game; government-run enterprises hold billiards events throughout the society, and promote the linkage of billiards culture. The effect is beginning to show, and a wave of billiards has really started in the local area.

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