Guangzhou International Billiards and Auxiliary Facilities Exhibition

At the 9th Guangzhou International Billiards and Auxiliary Facilities Exhibition that just started on May 9, Xingpai attended the exhibition as an exhibitor. This time Xingpai exhibited at the exhibition site, not only showed its products, but also organized a variety of interesting interactive activities at the exhibition site and provided generous prizes to the audience.

During this exhibition, Xingpai displayed the high-end table developed by it. Many visitors experienced the performance of the table and said that it was a very good table. At the same time, Xingpai also prepared a number of prizes for the audience, from practical umbrellas to the most yearning 4G mobile phones. Every visitor returned with satisfaction at Xingpai’s booth.

The audience who won the prize at the exhibition said that this is the best table he has ever played. Both the flexibility of the rim and the flatness of the slate are very good. At the same time, he is also very happy to be able to get it at the Xingpai exhibition. Numerous gifts.

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