The world’s billiards city has begun to take shape, Yushan ushered in the Snooker World Open

After hosting the Chinese Billiards World Championship for two consecutive years, Yushan County, Shangrao, China, which is striving to build a world-famous billiards city, will set foot in a new field of world table tennis-to host the professional snooker gold medal tournament world open in late July this year.

This is the press conference of China·Shangrao·Yushan “Hanteng Motors” 2016 Snooker World Open held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on the 3rd. Zhang Xiaoning, director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, and the world It was announced by representatives of the sponsors including Jason Ferguson, chairman of the Professional Snooker Association. In this way, the 2016-2017 season will have four World Professional Snooker Ranking Tournaments settled in China, and the other three are the China Open, the Shanghai Masters and the International Championship. Director Zhang Xiaoning believes: “The World Open will be held in Haikou for three consecutive times. , Has made outstanding contributions to the development and popularization of Chinese billiards. This game is moved to Yushan, Shangrao, Jiangxi. It is believed that after the 2016 Chinese Billiards World Championship, it will once again offer a splendid snooker visual feast for fans all over the world , Will also drive the further development of the billiard industry.”.

Zhang Xiaoning, Jason Ferguson, Shangrao Municipal Party Secretary Ma Chengzu, CPPCC National Committee member, Beijing Xingpai Group Chairman Gan Lianfang, Yushan County Party Secretary Zheng Xiaochun, and Jiangxi Hanteng Automobile Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Xueming attended the press conference and delivered speeches; press conference On the above, Wang Tao, Minister of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, introduced the situation of the game. Xu Shubin, the county magistrate of Yushan County, and Gan Liantong, the vice chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, the vice chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, and the chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. signed The 2016 Snooker World Open was signed; Zhu Mingshan, chairman of the Yushan County CPPCC, and Li Xueming, general manager of Hanteng Motors, signed the title sponsorship agreement for this tournament. Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau Director Yan Juteng, Shangrao Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Gaoxing, Beijing Xingpai Group Vice Chairman Gan Lianbin and other leaders also attended the press conference.

Sponsored by the Chinese Billiards Association, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, and jointly sponsored by Shangrao Sports Bureau, Yushan County People’s Government and Jiangxi Xingpai Sports Development Co., Ltd. China·Shangrao·Yushan “Hanteng Auto” 2016 Snooker The World Open will be held from July 25 to 31. The total prize money of the competition is 520,000 pounds, and the championship prize alone is as high as 90,000 pounds. Ding Junhui, Selby, Robertson, Trump and other 72 stars have confirmed to participate in this game.

The World Open was founded in 1982 as a professional player competition and was renamed the World Open in 2010. From 2012 to 2014, with the joint efforts of China-Taiwan Association and Xingpai, the World Open was settled in Haikou, China. This year, the China Taiwan Association, Yushan County and Xingpai reached a consensus with the World Snooker Association to move the gold medal event of the World Open from Haikou to Yushan.

Ma Chengzu, Secretary of the Shangrao Municipal Party Committee, said: “In recent years, Shangrao’s economic construction and social undertakings have gone hand in hand. While accelerating development and upgrading, we will vigorously develop sports, and carry out in-depth national fitness activities. Shangrao will take advantage of this to host this snooker world. The open competition has further stimulated the people’s enthusiasm for participating in physical exercises and set off a national fitness boom. We are confident and determined to make this event a joyful, civilized and peaceful sports event, and build it into a domestic first-class snooker event brand .”

In recent years, Yushan County has devoted itself to exploring the road of economic development transformation and upgrading, established the strategic goal of Sports Xing County, builds a county sports brand featuring billiards, and builds billiards cultural industry projects. For this reason, Yushan successively held two unprecedented Chinese-style billiards world championships, becoming a pioneer in the implementation of the “One County, One Product” strategic plan for the development of the sports industry in Jiangxi Province. The World Open moved to Yushan, introducing the top snooker event into Jiangxi for the first time, enriching the connotation of the construction of “China Billiards Capital and World Billiards City”. Zheng Xiaochun, Secretary of the Yushan County Party Committee, said: “The choice of Yushan for the Snooker World Open is a high affirmation of Yushan’s sports development level and full trust in Yushan’s hosting of large-scale sports events. It will surely become a window for Yushan to showcase the charm of the city and become a promotion. An important platform for the development of snooker.”

Xingpai has rich experience in event operation and management, and its event operation team has created many international gold medal events such as “Haikou World Open” and “Chinese Billiards World Championship”. Gan Lianfang, Chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, said: “Xingpai has always taken the promotion of the development of Chinese billiards as its own responsibility, and is the most staunch supporter and follower of the Chinese Billiards Association. Xingpai is willing to go to all things that are conducive to the development of Chinese billiards. Do. We hope that China will become an important stage for the world’s billiards. This is our goal and the social responsibility of Xingpai enterprises.”

This year’s Snooker World Open has won the strong support of the new Chinese auto brand “Hanteng Motors”. Li Xueming, general manager of Hanteng Motors, said: “For sponsoring the Snooker World Open, the quality, precision, and precision required for the sport are fully compatible with the brand concept of Hanteng Motors, and will use its unremitting creativity And pioneering spirit, it will also become a new force in the automotive industry in China and even the world.

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