Twenty boxes of equipment support live streaming of Chinese billiards. Yang Wei: Don’t worry about profit

On May 24, 2012, the first “Star Cup” National Chinese Ranking Tournament continued in Zhengzhou Gaogu Billiards Club. During each round of the game, three tables will be broadcast live on the Internet. Teacher Yang Wei, who provides live video for this game, has been engaged in this work for six years. During the six years, Mr. Yang Wei has continuously improved and upgraded his live broadcast system. This live video system has not yet achieved profitability, but Teacher Yang Wei is not worried.

The founder of this live video system, Mr. Yang Wei, is almost unknown in the billiards circle. Mr. Yang Wei, who has a background in engineering, has always been interested in electronic products. Up to now, Mr. Yang Wei has designed, manufactured, launched the market and produced the economy. There are no less than one hundred products that are profitable. In 1997, Mr. Yang Wei independently developed a snooker electronic scoreboard, and thus forged a fate with billiards. It is worth mentioning that 90% of billiard electronic scoring supplies on the market today are still made by Mr. Yang Wei.

In 2007, Mr. Yang Wei started to provide live webcast services for billiards matches. “It was in Zhengzhou at that time. Yu Delu scored 147 points on the first stroke of the domestic tournament. Many people saw it through my live video system.” Teacher Yang Wei recalled proudly. Since then, Mr. Yang Wei’s video live broadcast system has been widely used in billiards competitions, the 9-ball World Championships, the Shanghai 9-ball China Open, the CBSA American 9-ball International Open and today’s National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, more and more Fans began to enjoy the game through Teacher Yang’s live video system.

Since 2007, Mr. Yang Wei’s live video broadcasting system has been continuously improved. “In the beginning, we needed to rent a server, but the quality of the server was not good, so I could only broadcast one or two tables, and it was very unsmooth. Today I have myself. The server can provide seven or eight live broadcasts of the table at the same time, and support more than 700 people to watch online at the same time. The cameras used to be ordinary, but now with high-definition cameras, the picture quality is better… In short, the changes are really too much Now.” Teacher Yang Wei said.

Computer, high-definition machine, scoreboard, subtitle machine, receiver, switcher, tripod, and now every time a live video broadcast, Mr. Yang Wei will bring about 20 boxes of equipment. It is not a small project to move three or four cubic meters of equipment each time. Even so, Mr. Yang Wei is constantly adding new equipment. In this National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Mr. Yang Wei played a wide area on the scene to broadcast the ball table. The live video projection attracted the attention of many people. Because the game was held in the ball room and the space next to the anchor station was relatively small, many on-site audiences could not clearly see the game on the anchor station. However, Mr. Yang Wei’s video projection, It undoubtedly provides convenience for more fans.

It is worth mentioning that due to the continuous purchase of new equipment to improve the system, Yang Wei has not been able to make a profit through this video live broadcast system so far. The last three matches-CBSA American 9-ball International Open Chengde Station, Fangshan The station and today’s National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament are all provided by Yang Wei’s live video broadcast. During this period, Yang Wei’s investment was about 60,000 yuan, and the sponsor’s fee has not yet reached this figure. However, Teacher Yang Wei doesn’t seem to care about this. “The organizers are paying more and more attention to the live video link and are willing to invest some money. It doesn’t matter if I lose a little money now. If I do a good job in the technology and the market, it shouldn’t be a problem to make money in the future.”

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