Chinese Grand Prix finals: the local first shot to advance without a bloody sword, Jiangsu famous general unexpectedly out

On March 12th, the finals of the 2018 “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards National Club Grand Prix kicked off in Yushan No. 1 Middle School, Yushan County, Jiangxi Province. After a whole day and three rounds of double-loss contests, many masters including veteran Wang Nan, Yunnan famous player Shan Xianshu, Guizhou first shot Li Haisong and Jiangxi local first shot Wang Yuheng have entered the stage of single defeat tomorrow. 50,000 RMB champion prize and the only ticket to the main event of the World Championships for the final fight.

The finals of the Grand Prix and the World Championships, which will start on March 22, are connected end to end, which has also greatly increased its attention. In addition, the champion of the finals will get tickets to the World Championships. Therefore, the intensity of competition will not be inferior to that of the World Championships in a few days. At the same time, the two events are held in the same venue, which also gives the masters who cannot make their appearance in the World Championships a chance to show themselves in this venue.

There is nothing more concerned about this year’s Grand Prix than the young Jiangxi local player Wang Yuheng. In today’s first round, he took advantage of half of the home court to quickly beat Yunnan star Xie Jintao 5-1. In an interview after the game, he also admitted that the pressure and motivation coexisted at home, and very much hoped to get the only ticket to the World Championship through the finals of the Club Grand Prix. In the subsequent qualifying round, he defeated his opponent with the same score and advanced to the top 32 single elimination stage.

Jiangxi local player Wang Yuheng in the game

Li Haisong, the “Guizhou first shot” from the southwest, faced off against the “Nanjing first shot” Chen Wen in the first round. The two experienced a fierce confrontation between Mars hitting the earth. Li Haisong was chased by Chen Wen with a 4-2 lead In the final game, Li Haisong withstood the pressure and refused the reversal, and defeated his opponent 5-4 in a thrilling manner. Li Haisong, who survived a catastrophe, then staged a sweeping 5-0 in the winning promotion round and easily advanced into the main match. After the game, he also expressed that he was more satisfied with his performance today and hoped to have a chance to enter the World Championships. He won the two games today. It has set sail smoothly.

“Guizhou first shot” Li Haisong vs. “Nanjing first shot” Chen Wen

Among the other players, Hebei veteran Wang Nan, Yunnan player Shan Xianshu, Shandong player Gao Zhankui, etc. all advanced with two victories. The Jiangsu Shuangxing, who fell into the losing division, was happy and worried. Chen Wen, who had lost to Li Haisong, had two consecutive victories to advance to the top 32 as he wished, while the American Chinese amphibious player Cui Yan unexpectedly lost both early and early.

Hebei player Wang Nan successfully advanced

The second stage of the Grand Prix finals will be held on March 13, 2019. You can watch the live broadcast of the game through “China Sports” You can also scan the following QR code to view the detailed signatures, schedule and live scores of the Chinese Billiards Club Grand Prix Finals.

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