Nanotechnology leads the new phoenix nest of billiards

The first Chinese Billiards World Championship has been over for some time, but layers of memories keep appearing in our minds. The entire billiard industry in China has paid great attention to this game, and Xingpai billiards has devoted three years of research on nanometer new technology. Through a comprehensive understanding of billiard nanotechnology, the first Chinese Billiard World Championships will become a technological watershed in the Chinese billiard industry. And Xingpai has undoubtedly proved once again that it is the world’s number one in the billiard industry, once again standing at the top of the billiard industry, and continuing to lead the billiard industry into the era of nanotechnology.

According to accurate news, the Xingpai Billiards table specially tailored for the first Chinese World Championships has used its own nanotechnology in all aspects. Through a detailed understanding of Xingpai’s nanotechnology in billiards, Xingpai’s nanotechnology package for the first Chinese Billiards World Championships includes nano paint, nano cloth, nano slate and nano billiards.

Xingpai applied nanotechnology to the bottom and surface paint of the wood. The paint processed by the nanotechnology has the advantages of moisture resistance, mildew resistance, and color fixation. It focuses on solving the negative impact of the north-south temperature and humidity difference on the wood and the paint surface. (Such as: fading, cracking), at the same time, it can degrade indoor formaldehyde and other chemical pollution, achieving a real green environmental protection. The anti-moisture and anti-static properties of tablecloths and tablecloths have always been technical barriers that the industry hopes to break through. Xing brand nano-protection technology effectively solves the problem that tablecloths and tablecloths are afraid of water and oil and easily generate static electricity. The tablecloths and tablecloths treated by nanotechnology have four major functions of dustproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof and anti-static. It has completely subverted people’s cognition of traditional cloth and tablecloth. Xingpai also introduces nanotechnology into the production process of the slate, so that the slate of Xingpai will never be affected by ambient temperature and humidity, and solves the problem of deformation and deviation of the slate from the root.

On the other hand, Xingpai has also made nanotechnology innovations based on billiard products and accessories. The billiard nano-protection technology introduced in this world championship can coat a nano-level high-hardness protective film on the surface of the billiard ball, which realizes the functions of brightening, color fixing, impact resistance and antistatic. It is reported that Xingpai will also launch new technologies such as nano-cubes and nano-tips in due course.

Xingpai is a national brand. While focusing on quality, Xingpai is also constantly experimenting with the development and application of emerging technologies. All of us billiards people have reason to believe that Xingpai’s promotion of nanotechnology will set a new milestone in the billiards industry.

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