Where is the knowledge of painting? 【Star Lead】

Xiaoxing mentioned yesterday that Xingpai is the first domestic billiard manufacturer to use automotive metallic paint.

With the materials, the next step is how to paint. Painting is a seemingly simple technique, but it is extremely difficult. No matter how good the paint is, if you apply a few casually, the effect is destined to be greatly reduced. Let Xiaoxing do it and let the star masters do it, the result is definitely different.

This is the spraying effect of the star masters. It is smooth and smooth, with well-proportioned color and no air bubbles, cracks, residues and other annoying existence:

Where is the knowledge of painting? 【Star Lead】

A star billiard table needs to go through 18 processes to finish painting, including four spraying processes:

The first step is to seal the paint again. Its function is to seal the wood texture. This step is extremely critical. If the sealer is not sprayed sufficiently, no matter how perfect the following steps are done, it will be difficult to achieve the best results;

The second step, two primers, its function is to close the wood pores, block the infiltration of moisture, prevent the wood from being damp, and also fill the wood grain slightly;

The third step is to paint again. Its function is to make the paint bright and delicate; without paint, there will be no shiny match gold, champagne gold and cashmere silver;

Where is the knowledge of painting? 【Star Lead】

The fourth step is to paint again to make the paint fuller and more shiny.

During the painting process, the table needs to be dried four times and dried once in the spraying workshop. Just as the temperature and humidity need to be kept within a certain range at the billiards game, the spraying workshop has extremely strict requirements for temperature and humidity to make the paint “very bright”.

The lacquer surface is the “coat” of the pool table. It may not be so “important”, but it can be regarded as the vane of a manufacturer’s quality. If a pool table is severely painted, rusty, and dull, how can you expect it to be the result of careful polishing?

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