Xingpai renews long-term contract with World Professional Taiwan Federation, deep cooperation in strategic alliance

On April 4, 2014, China Xingpai and the World Professional Taiwan Federation held a grand strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the Longxi Hot Spring Hotel in Beijing. Wang Liwei, Deputy Director of the Ball Sports Management Center, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Billiards Association, Wang Yanmei, Deputy Director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Gan Lianfang, Chairman of Xingpai Group, Gan Liantong, Vice Chairman, and Gan Lianbin, Executive Vice President, attended the signing ceremony , Dozens of media and guests witnessed this glorious moment.

As we all know, Xingpai has successfully cooperated with the World Professional Taiwan Federation for five years. In 2007, Xingpai passed the strict certification of the World Professional Taiwan Federation. In 2009, Xingpai epic promoted the Chinese national brand to the world billiards arena and became the world. As a strategic partner of the Professional Taiwan Federation, in the past five years, the two parties have jointly promoted billiards all over the world and in China, and have achieved remarkable performance and fruitful results. Based on this successful cooperation, the two sides agreed that the need to rise to strategy The agreement was renewed at the level. To this end, after friendly negotiation, the two sides signed an unprecedented long-term comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement of “5+3” years.

The new cooperation agreement not only continues the previous Xingpai as a strategic partner to provide product, technology, service and financial support to the World Professional Taiwan Federation, but also clarifies that the two parties will further expand cooperation in terms of brand cooperation, event operation, and sports promotion. Fields and deepen the content of cooperation. Since the cooperation between the World Professional Taiwan Federation, an authoritative organization of billiards, and Xingpai, a leading billiard company, has shown unique advantages. In the future, both parties will continue to perform their duties and obligations to promote billiards, and will surely push the world of billiards to New heights.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Jason Ferguson, Chairman of World Professional Taiwan Federation, highly praised the successful cooperation between Xingpai and World Professional Taiwan Federation, thanked Xingpai for providing high-quality products, technology and services, and believed that after the signing of the new cooperation agreement, The two parties will work more closely to create a bright future for billiards; Wang Liwei, deputy director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration of China, vice chairman and secretary-general of the Chinese Billiards Association, affirmed Xingpai’s achievements in developing a Chinese national brand into a world brand With outstanding contributions to the Chinese billiards, I hope that Xingpai will continue to work hard and continue to move Xingpai’s brands and products from “Made in China” to “Created in China” and achieve greater development and achievements; Chairman of Xingpai Group Gan Lianfang said that Xingpai Group started from billiards and has now developed into a cross-industry diversified industry group. In the future, it will continue to uphold the corporate tenet of “serving the country and repaying the society and the people”. While continuing to develop the leisure sports industry, Vigorously develop the health industry at a higher level, accelerate the development and construction of leisure sports and large-scale health projects, and improve human health; at the signing ceremony, Starway Chairman Gan Liantong said in answering reporters’ questions that he will continue to play the role of a leading enterprise. Continuously improve and extend higher-level technical standards, develop and provide the world’s top game tables, and at the same time, continue to participate in the worldwide popularization and promotion of billiards, especially Chinese billiards, and make greater contributions to the development of world billiards and Chinese billiards. contribution.

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