Star contract player Jin Jiaying helps Dingxin million yuan match “Scissors Hand” takes selfie with fans

On the evening of December 22, 2013, the service activities of Xingpai “Xinghuo Liaoyuan” large-scale club continued. Xingpai invited the nine-ball world champion Jin Jiaying to participate in the meeting at the flagship store of Beijing Dingxin Xingpai Club, as a special courtesy for the fans before Christmas on the winter solstice.

The South Korean diva participated in the award ceremony of the local competition and handed the trophy and bonus to the national player, Liu Haitao, the winner of the 10,000 yuan competition. In the semi-finals of the 10,000 yuan match, Liu Haitao and Wang Xiaoqian had a strong dialogue between the two national players, but the perfect performance of the former made Wang Xiaoqian very helpless. After Liu Haitao won the semi-finals, he almost had no suspense and scored in the final match. 9:4 defeated Zhang Lei and pocketed 5000 yuan. Afterwards, the “Little Witch” had wonderful interactions with local fans. The happy fans received various signatures from the idols, and even more fortunate fans were able to team up and “compete” with the idols on the same stage. The joy of club members was beyond words.

On the evening of the 23rd, the fourth stop of the event is the last stop of the Beijing Railway Station. The world women’s 9-ball champion Jin Jiaying will head to the flagship store of Beijing Night Fashion Star Club Zhongguancun. Fans in Beijing should not miss it.

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