Xingpai Billiards Bus Stop Sign A cherished stop in Beijing


The 2020 Spring Festival is not the same as before. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic broke the peace of the festival. But the time for all things to recover will finally come.

Sunlight burst out through the darkness, Xingpai officially resumed work! The first batch of employees who were approved to resume work have all arrived at their posts today, and they have carried out various tasks in an orderly manner.

Everything is ready and thriving.

Walking on a familiar road, every tree and every stop sign are so familiar. Gently stroking this stop sign printed in his mind, the past emerges. This stop sign is “Star Billiards”.


The names of Beijing’s bus stations may be well-known scenic spots such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and the Bird’s Nest, or classic old places such as Mishi Street, Zujia Street, and Lagan City. Xingpai, a 33-year-old company, has become a unique existence and a coordinate for Beijing.



Xingpai established its first factory in Daxing District 33 years ago. The conditions for Xingpai in the start-up period were difficult, not to mention the brand logo. The first generation of Xingpai people put up the sign of “Daxing Billiard Factory” outside the factory.


In 33 years, “Daxing Billiard Factory” developed into “Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.”. Over the past 33 years, Xingpai’s products have traveled across the ocean into Crucible, Alexandra Palace, and Barbican Center, becoming the benchmark of world billiards. Over the past 33 years, Xingpai has gained a lot of honors, big and small, and has become one of the most well-known enterprises in Beijing Daxing.


It seems a bit narrow to summarize today’s star cards with only the words “star billiards”. Today’s Xingpai, in addition to the production and sales of billiard products, has integrated the four major sectors of sports industry, event operations, real estate and cultural tourism, and has fully participated in the development of international billiard cultural industry projects. Xingpai has truly become a diversified enterprise with cross-regional business and cross-border cooperation.


The Yushan International Billiards Culture Industry Project draws on the history and culture of the world billiards, relies on the scale of the Chinese billiards market, and takes advantage of the integration advantages of star billiards. It is an urban platform that intensively carries and integrates billiards culture, billiards market, and billiards brands. It is also influential in the world billiards industry. Sports and cultural projects.

Among them, the Xing Brand Billiards Cultural Industry Park is a modern and ecological manufacturing center with the largest area, the highest output value, and leading technology in the world’s billiard industry. Yushan Sports Center is the world’s first modern comprehensive stadium and national fitness facility focusing on billiards events and taking into account other sports events. It will become the world’s billiards sanctuary comparable to Cruze’s.


But just like the name of this stop sign, billiards has always been the original intention of Xingpai. In 1990, Xingpai sponsored the Beijing Asian Games billiards event. Thirty years ago, the Asian Games was a great opportunity for China, which was not so developed at that time, to show its national strength and attracted the attention of the people across the country. Since then, billiards have become popular in China, and Xingpai has also actively promoted various billiard events in China, from elite events to mass competitions, contributing to the early development of Chinese billiards.

From the end of the last century to the beginning of this century, Chinese billiards fell into a trough, and Xingpai stepped forward to actively organize the game, which allowed Chinese billiards to survive the “ice age” and ushered in a milestone-the 2005 Snooker China Open. In that game, star signed player Ding Junhui won the championship. The “Chinese Dragon” rose into the sky, igniting people’s enthusiasm for billiards. At the same time, Pan Xiaoting, the “nine ball queen” who is also a star contract player, won the championship again and again. She has conquered countless fans with her skills and temperament.


In 2007, Xingpai ushered in a milestone in the company’s history-obtaining the billiard table inspection and approval certificate issued by the World Professional Billy and Snooker Federation, and has since been qualified for all world high-end professional billiards competitions. In 2010, Xingpai billiards table fully landed on the World Snooker Tour event, including the World Snooker Championship.


In the spring of 2012, Xingpai and the China Billiards Association held hands with the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament across the country. In 2015, the first Chinese Billiards World Championship was held in Yushan, Jiangxi.

The tournament has been supported by the World Professional Billy and Snooker Federation, the World Pool Association and the International Billiards Federation. The strong inclusiveness has brought many famous snooker and American billiards. The competition has truly realized “all nations come to Korea”, and the scale of competition has continued to expand.


The existence of this stop sign seems to tell every Xingpai person: No matter how far you go, billiards is always the root of Xingpai. Xingpai cannot do without billiards, and billiards cannot do without Xingpai. Xingpai has never forgotten its original aspiration, and its important mission is to continuously promote the long-term development of China’s billiard industry.

This new crown epidemic is a major test for everyone in the billiard industry, and it is also a major training for soldiers. Xingpai people will do their daily work as always, defend the gold content of this stop sign, and let this stop sign deserve its name.

Fighting the epidemic Chinese billiards people are in action

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