Ningxia Xingwei Hope Primary School completed Gan Liantong: spare no effort to give back to the society

On September 25, 2012, the inauguration ceremony of the Xingwei Hope Primary School donated by the chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Gan Liantong was held in Dahe Township, Hongsipu, Ningxia.

The leading guests attending the inauguration ceremony were: Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Chairman Gan Liantong, Chairman Assistant Mao Wuyi, Human Resources Director Ma Xinbo, Branch General Manager Liu Chunxu, Office Director Jia Shuli, Office Secretary Li Qiong, Fang Yan, Yang Chunlei, Deputy Secretary-General of China Youth Development Foundation, Chi Yaoping, Minister of Partnership Center, Li Shuai, Partnership Center, and relevant leaders of the Youth League Committee of Ningxia Autonomous Region, Youth Foundation and Hongsibao District, Women’s Nine-Ball World Champion Star Signed Player Fu Xiaofang Wang Hongsheng, editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated, and Wang Guoqi, director of China Youth Daily, attended as special guests. The inauguration ceremony was carried out smoothly under the vivid presiding of the famous host of CCTV Children’s Channel.

After raising the national flag and singing the national anthem, the student representatives of Xingwei Hope Primary School presented red scarves to the leaders and guests, and then Chairman Gan Liantong took the stage to give a speech.

“To be honest, before I came, I didn’t expect that I would be so excited now,” Chairman Gan Liantong said, “I am sincerely proud and excited to see that Xingwei hopes that the primary school is built so beautifully. What the school looks like, they told me that the previous school was a bungalow, and in winter there was no hot water to drink. Now with such a teaching building, teachers and students can study and work in a more comfortable environment.”

As a leader among private enterprises, Xingpai has also stepped up from a small workshop to today’s leading position in the industry. Chairman Gan Liantong said Xingpai will continue to spare no effort to give back to the society. Wenchuan, Yushu and other places have also actively participated in the post-disaster reconstruction Xingpai. What is less known is that this Xingwei Hope Primary School in Hongsipu, Ningxia is already the fourth Hope Primary School funded by Chairman Gan Liantong.

In order to thank Chairman Gan Liantong for his strong support to Hongsibao District, the leaders of Hongsibao District specially made a pennant to present to Chairman Gan Liantong. Director Yan of the Education Bureau of Hongsibao District awarded Chairman Gan Liantong a letter of appointment as an honorary principal, and student representatives also gave their own exquisite gifts. In the hands of Chairman Gan Liantong.

The last content of the inauguration ceremony was that Sister Moon, star player Fu Xiaofang, and Xingwei branch general manager Liu Chunxu gave the children an extracurricular activity class: Sister Moon taught the students singing and dancing, and Fu Xiaofang was in Xingpai. The love billiard room personally guides the students to play, and Liu Chunxu, general manager of Xingwei branch, teaches the children some basic table tennis at the outdoor table tennis table.

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