Xingpai Li Hewen attended the opening ceremony of Handan Xingpai Billiards Club

On July 25, 2015, Handan Xingpai Billiards Club opened grandly. The club invited Xingpai signed player and world champion Li Hewen to participate in the opening ceremony and carried out a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Li Hewen enthusiastically played three games with the fans on the spot. The first two rounds were singles. Li Hewen lived up to expectations. He went straight to the next two rounds cleanly. The sharp style of the game made the fans applaud from time to time. The third game was a doubles game. Li Hewen partnered with a live fan and another pair of fans to compete on the same stage. The match was once deadlocked and the two sides had a wonderful offensive and defensive battle. At the critical moment, Li Hewen broke the deadlock, and the two completed the clearing with one effort. As the black ball entered the hole at the end, the scene once again remembered the warm applause.

After the game, the atmosphere on the scene continued to rise. Fans and friends took photos with the world champion.

Finally, Li Hewen signed the cue at the invitation of the fans to repay the fans’ enthusiasm.

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