Winning at home! Wang Yuheng wins the Club Grand Prix and leads directly to the World Championships

On the evening of March 13, 2019, the “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards National Club Grand Prix finals produced the final championship at the Jiangxi Yushan No. 1 Middle School Gymnasium. The host player and favorite to win the championship, Wang Yuheng, lived up to expectations. He won the championship with a crushing record of seven wins and won the only “reserved” qualification for the World Championships.

The first day of the double-defeating knockout match was smooth, and the popular players easily broke through. Only the Jiangsu player Cui Yan accidentally lost and was blocked from the top 32. The race schedule on the second day was very intensive. Starting from the first round at 12 noon, five consecutive back-to-back matches without a break were required to enter the finals. This is a severe test for the players’ energy. However, the prize money of 50,000 yuan and a precious ticket to the main match of the World Championships are just around the corner, which also makes the masters of all walks of life not slack in the slightest.

32-to-16 games, several strong dialogues, the defeated Chen Wen defeated Wang Nan 5-3, the veteran born in 1972 also very regrettably stopped early. Shandong player Gao Zhankui lost 3-5 to Zhang Hanxuan, and also went home in the top 32. In addition, Guizhou’s three greats, Li Haisong and Liu Wenxi, respectively took their opponents to pass, while Zhou Xiaofei was 4-5 by Hou Yue and stopped.

Veteran Wang Nan was defeated by Chen Wen

16 enters 8, “revenge” becomes the key word. In yesterday’s game, it was Li Haisong who made Chen Wen into the losing team. After the latter successfully passed the team, the two met again in the second round of a single defeat. In the end, Chen Wen made a hearty 7-2 pleasure. revenge. In addition, Liu Wenxi defeated Hou Yue 7-5, which can be regarded as a successful revenge for fellow Zhou Xiaofei. In this round of direct dialogue between the favorites to win the championship, Wang Yuheng 7-2 defeated the Yunnan “Black Eight Kings” Shan Xianshu, and personally removed obstacles to his way to the championship.

Guizhou player Liu Wenxi in the game

In the quarter-finals, Wang Yuheng offered a quick victory again. After falling 0-2, he made a 7-3 comeback and advanced to the semifinals. Liu Wenxi also finished the reversal with a big score behind. Zhang Hanxuan and Chen Wen, who had performed well before, lost to Jiao Yangyang and Pan Haijun respectively. It is worth mentioning that Chen Wen once dragged the game into a deciding round when he was 2-6 behind, but he was still defeated in the end.

Chen Wen in the game

The styles of the two semi-finals were very different. Liu Wenxi and Jiao Yangyang were inseparable. The two sides fought until a 5-5 tie. Liu Wenxi continued to experience cue ball sags and simple No. 8 ball errors. Jiao Yangyang finally won two consecutive games. The next table still ended with Wang Yuheng’s 7-2 victory. Six games in two consecutive days were won by an overwhelming advantage, and Jiao Yangyang met in the final.

Wang Yuheng and Jiao Yangyang join the final

The finals still showed a one-sided situation. In fact, Jiao Yangyang showed fatigue in the previous games, and occasionally made low-level mistakes. Fortunately, his opponents were still generous, so he was lucky to stand out. However, Wang Yuheng, who played at home and took the championship as the only goal, was obviously much tougher than Jiao Yangyang’s previous casual hand. Wang Yuheng opened with a brilliant burst and finally defeated Jiao Yangyang 9-5, aspiring to win the 2018 “Star” Cup Chinese billiards. The champion of the National Club Grand Prix finals! More importantly, he also won the only ticket to the main match of the World Championships and will show himself on a higher stage at the home station a week later!

Jiangxi local player Wang Yuheng won the championship

After a short break, on March 15th, the 2019 CBSA “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship will kick off here. I believe that after two days of adapting in advance, Wang Yuheng will surely shine more dazzlingly in the World Championships.

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