Xingpai: spare no effort to support the management of the ball house

On August 24, 2012, as the first CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament became better, the competition became more and more exciting, and the competition became increasingly fierce. The Shenyang Ninth Floor Billiard Club, where the competition was held, also ushered in The peak of watching the game. Seeing the increase in membership and the rapid increase in traffic, Hui Jun, the manager of the ninth-floor billiard club, was very happy. “We haven’t opened a long time here, and the popularity has not yet risen. In addition to giving us a lot of business support, Xingpai also put such a high-level national ranking event here. Thank you very much!”

The first “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament was approved by the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, hosted by the China Billiards Association, and hosted by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. The first national authoritative ranking of Chinese billiards. Won the unanimous support of Chinese billiard players and fans. As the organizer and title sponsor of the event, Xingpai naturally has a great influence on this competition. An official ranking event of this scale can be settled in the billiards club, and Xingpai is of course indispensable in it. It can be seen that Xingpai supports the management of the ball room through the game and promotes the development of the billiard industry. Hui Jun, manager of the snooker club on the ninth floor, was deeply moved. “From the preparation and opening of the ball room to the preparation for the game, Xingpai has spared no effort in supporting us. Through this game, our ball room has become famous in Shenyang and even in the Northeast. There have been many in the past few days. The Northeast masters of the ranking match joined our members. On the one hand, they have a fancy to our environment, and more importantly, because all our tables here are standard game tables. Only on such tables can we level up. In short, Xingpai is really helpful to the management of our ball room. It was indeed a wise move to choose Xingpai at the beginning!”

In fact, examples like Shenyang Ninth Floor Snooker Club abound in Xingpai’s years of development. Since its establishment, Xingpai has always attached great importance to giving back to the ball room that supports itself. There are countless examples of efforts to promote the management of the ball room by sponsoring matches and holding competitions. More importantly, as the organizer of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Xingpai will firmly continue to set the qualifying and sub-station venues in the ball room, so that more people can know the ball room, understand the ball room, and play in the entertainment. Fall in love with billiards in leisure and continue to promote the rapid development of this sport in a healthier direction.

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