Star team Haikou proves that the strength of the Chinese billiards will start

The “Star Cup” Snooker Haikou World Open successfully ended in Haikou in March. This competition was named after the name of the star, and the team’s event team proved that he was working and organized in the event. Next, the star event team will be fully committed to the work of the Chinese billiards.

Since 1987, it is successfully held to Haikou World Open. Stars sponsored countless competitions, but there is no experience in working, organizing large international events. In order to fill this gap, the star has built his own event team in October last year, and the Haikou World Open as the first project after the event team, which is impulsed to the challenge of an emerging team. From October, the team is set up to the January Mid-Ball Management Center, the World Taiwan and the Star Sign Competition, and then start until the February game. In these five months, I have to leave Christmas, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. A large holiday, the time left to the star event team is very short.

According to the head of the signage team leader, Li Dan Day, the star event team needs to complete planning, outreach, venue, competition, media, reception, etc. in 5 months. In order to be able to concentrate the human material, this competition is even shelved, and the investment will become one of the most important tasks of next year. Before the start of the event, the team’s staff had put into your enthusiasm, almost no one went to sleep at 2 in the morning, and some people still have a 40-hour record. Of course, the final success of the game is even more separated by the Municipal Movement Management Center, and the support of the Haikou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government.

On March 4, Haikou World Open officially ended. This seven-day event has been recognized by the World Taiwan Union and the Municipal Movement Management Center. Director of the World Taiwan Federal Ministry of Commerce gives the evaluation of the “Event No improvements”. It is worth mentioning that the design of this competition has been particularly affirmative, and the number 1 of the video live in the game is located on the side of the venue. The other side of the race is connected in parallel. . On the visual effect, the star event team refers to the arrangement of the APEC, the BRIC, and the design of the blue bottom, which creates a clean, refreshing, and eye-catching feeling.

For a team of the first independent to undertake such large international competitions, it is certainly impossible for work outcomes, and the venues and the environment of this competition have been questioned by some players and media. In this regard, Li Dan, the head of the star event team, also explained, “We examined four gymnasiums in Haikou, the gym area of ​​Haikou Guoxing Road is too small to accommodate enough audience; Haikou City Convention and Exhibition Center The setting is not very in place, even there is no place to go to the toilet; there are many colons that support the architecture in the center of Hainan Province, there is no way to build a venue, consider the current Haikou Stadium is the most appropriate. ”

“Haikou gymnasium is built in the 1990s, the older, the most important thing, the main thing is the floor problem, the player stepped on it, we also told this, specially added plastic pads under the carpet, but it seems that it does not look Very good, but we have a 5-year contract with Haikou Gymnasium, which will make changes in the future. “For another environmentally received environmental problem, Li Dan said that the weather is humid and dry is a natural problem, but specific to the stadium Inside the air conditioner and exhaust, we can also make improvements in the future.

Through this Haikou World Open, the star team’s event team has been exercised and proves that the star card has the ability to organize and organize high-level international events. Li Dan said that the team of the star will summarize and improve this competition, and strive to dedicate better than 2013. At the same time, the star event team is about to invest in another contest – the preparations for the Chinese billiards.

Li Dan, said that Haikou World Open has increased the influence of Chinese billiards in the world, and Chinese billiards are closer to domestic fans and markets, helping to develop in the domestic billiard market, we can cover the national power with a sign The network will make the event. According to Li Dan, the Chinese billiards has been approved by the Music Management Center. It is expected to hold four to five stations in the year, and the single-station champion bonus will reach 50,000 yuan.

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