Grow with Chinese Stars-Interview with World Snooker Superstar O’Sullivan and Trump

Grow with Chinese Stars-Interview with World Snooker Superstar O’Sullivan and Trump

Two of the world’s top snooker stars-O’Sullivan, known as the “Rocket”, and Trump, who is regarded as the world’s most future snooker qualification, both joined China Star. This is World Snow The perfect strong cooperation in history. On September 3, the signing ceremony of the two world snooker superstars and Xingpai was held at the Regal Hotel in Shanghai, and they became the signing players of China Xingpai. The media predicts that both parties will benefit greatly from this cooperation.

After the signing ceremony, the two stars were very pleased to accept the reporter’s interview.

O’Sullivan: I look forward to growing with Xingpai

O’Sullivan believes that cooperating with Xingpai is an important decision in his career. He particularly emphasized: “I think Xingpai is a world-renowned manufacturer of billiards, and a well-known brand in the billiards field. They produce high-quality tables. Their achievements are obvious to all, and they can become one at the right time. A member of Xingpai is very important to my career. Xingpai can give me a lot of support and help, which is of great significance to my future development.”

Two years ago, O’Sullivan replaced his table in the British private training room with a star table. Because of his high profile in the world of snooker, his choice has aroused great interest among snooker fans. O’Sullivan said bluntly: “The first time I used the star table was in the English League Cup in 2004. Before that, I didn’t know much about the star table, but since that game, I’ve played against the stars. I was very impressed with the star table. My feeling is that the performance of the star table is very good, stable, fast, and the angle and library are very standard. This makes me have a certain curiosity about the manufacturer of the star table. I think they must be very careful when they made the table. Later, with the further understanding of the Xingpai table, I found that its various performances and standardization levels are very high among all the tables today, almost reaching the perfect level. As a first A professional snooker player, I certainly hope to have the best table, in fact, not only me, all professional snooker players now want to have a star table.”

O’Sullivan is full of expectations for the prospect of cooperation between the two parties. He said: “Xingpai is a very successful company. Working with Xingpai is what every professional player yearns for. I look forward to long-term cooperation with Xingpai and grow together.”

Trump: I want to win the championship for the star

Trump only came into contact with the stars in the 2009 Shanghai Masters, but unexpectedly, the young man Trump said: “Just this contact gave me a glorious scene. One day he can become a star sign player.” Now his dream has come true, and the boy is overjoyed.

After the Shanghai Masters, Trump immediately replaced his training table with a star table. He explained to his friend: “The performance of the star table is very standard and the speed is very fast. This is similar to the table I usually practice. It’s very different, so I have to change the training table, which makes me feel very comfortable in future games.”

In the semi-finals of the 2010-2011 Beijing China Open, Trump and Ding Junhui teamed up to present a wonderful match for the audience. Both sides played 37 games. Trump finally reversed and won. From then on Trump became A well-known figure among Chinese Taiwanese fans, Trump attributed that victory in part to the Xingpai table. He said: “The performance of the Xingpai table used in that game was very good. It made me feel very comfortable. Say there is nothing to fault.”

Trump has been playing since he was 6 years old and he has come into contact with various tables in his snooker career, and he believes that the star table is a good table he has encountered. “When I was a kid, the table I used was very poor, with slow speed and poor storage. Later, when I practiced on the RILY table, it was only a little better. Unlike the star table, it is of high quality and very stable, no matter where you are. Locally, its speed, flexibility, and angle are all very standard, which is very important for professional players. Playing on this kind of table will make you feel so cool.”

After signing with Xingpai, Trump told the media: “I am very happy to be a signed player for Xingpai. I hope I can play well in the future games and win the championship for Xingpai.”

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