Xingpai “Blue and White Porcelain” tables help out the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament

In the intensely held 2013 CBSA “Star Cup” Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Tianjin, the main stage was surrounded by fans, which looked particularly eye-catching. Famous Chinese billiards such as Li Hewen, Liu Chuang and Zheng Yubo all played fiercely on the main stage. Contend for hegemony. In addition to the stars of the players, the table used this time is also a highlight. Different from the general table, the table used in this Chinese-style billiards ranking competition is the “blue and white porcelain” Chinese table specially provided by Xingpai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. The bright blue and fresh white bring a bit of coolness to the raging game. While appreciating the superb skills of the players, the fans on the scene also admired the novelty and beauty of the table.


The “Blue and White Porcelain” Chinese table is a boutique Chinese table recently launched by Xingpai. It has appeared in major billiards competitions many times and has received unanimous praise from players and fans. Hundreds of billiards stars have staged the championship together with “Blue and White Porcelain”, creating countless exciting and wonderful goals. In the 2012 Chinese Billiards Championship, Henan young player Zhang Guanghao won the championship with five consecutive clearings. He was hailed as a legend of Chinese billiards by fans, and this time the legend was created on the “blue and white porcelain” Chinese table. In the 2012 World Snooker Wuxi Classic and Tangshan Jaguar Land Rover Club friendly match, “Blue and White Porcelain” has also become a star table that everyone pays attention to, and it is enthusiastically sought after on the spot.

Liu Chuang, a famous Chinese billiard player who has experienced the “blue and white porcelain” table many times, said about his feelings during the game: “I feel that the speed of the ball, the flatness and elasticity of the table are just right. The size of the bag is standard, and the goal is to score a snatching bag. The sound is very positive. And the color and style of this table are very beautiful, and I feel very bright when I look at it, and I feel better when I play.


The outstanding quality of the “Blue and White Porcelain” table is derived from the classic configuration adopted by Xingpai: British northern plastic edging, imported wood, special stone slabs for competitions and “I”-shaped steel storage. Its design is inspired by the decoration of blue and white porcelain cladding columns in Beijing subway stations, and is carefully drawn by hand-painted masters in the style of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain. The white background and the blue and white porcelain hand-painted patterns make the overall color harmonious and natural. In the pattern and layout, the layers are distinct, and the density relationship is subtly coordinated. The combination is clear, complicated and not chaotic, blue and white, dignified and dignified, beautiful and elegant, and a refreshing breath blows.

In the 2013 CBSA “Star Cup” Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Tianjin, this star table entered Tianjin Tanggu for the first time to meet Tianjin fans. In the two-day competition, “Blue and White Porcelain” not only added a beautiful scenery to the scene, but also brought a good experience to the contestants.

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