How about the star pool table? What makes them applaud?

China·Guizhou·Guiyang 2019 CBSA “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards Chinese Grand Prix has been successfully concluded. The players dedicated their last wonderful games in Guiyang, bringing fans the supreme enjoyment of Chinese billiards.

Star XW119-9A Chinese pool table is used in this game. A few days later, this table received unanimous praise from the players. Listen to what they say:

Chao Lumen

There is no discomfort on the table, and the speed and alignment of the ball are normal.

Wang Ye

The table is very stable, flat, and plays very smoothly. It feels better than the previous practice.

Yu Hong

I think the table plays very well, the speed is normal, and there is no tide.

Shen Shenyi

The table feels very comfortable to play, and the positioning is also very good.

Wang Yang

I am very familiar with the feel of the star brand, and it is relatively smooth to play.

Zhao Junjun

Star billiards table is good, the table feel can basically be the expected trend.

Wang Xudong

Star billiards table is very comfortable in terms of playing feel and flatness.

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