Xingpai’s operation is almost perfect, fully promoting the professional development of Chinese billiards

On August 25th, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station entered the final competition day at the Shenyang Snooker Club on the 9th floor. In the men’s finals, Li Hewen won the championship again. This is the second championship of the “National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament” won by nine-ball world champion Li Hewen.

After the two races, the cumulative bonus and subsidy amount for this event has reached more than 600,000. Based on the publicly known Chinese billiards game bonus level, this game has created an unprecedented bonus record in the Chinese billiards industry, and it can even be compared with the fancy nine. The prize money of the top competitions is comparable!

And this tournament is completely independent of government input. For the Chinese-style billiards ranking tournament, the organizer of the tournament, Xingpai, can be said to have lost the blood: the prize money of the tournament is desirable, and the signing players Li Hewen, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha …A string of familiar world top players have all appeared in various competitions. Some people can’t help asking: Is it worth it for Xingpai to do this? Why do they want to be the first to eat crabs? With doubts, the author interviewed Mr. Gan Liantong, the chairman of Xingpai. He believed that Xingpai’s move has two meanings:

First, promote the professional development of Chinese billiards.

As the first Chinese-style billiards ranking tournament ever officially hosted by China, the organizer of the event, the China Billiards Association, has a clear goal of bringing Chinese-style billiards into professional development. This “professionalization” shows everything: Chinese-style billiards must Specialization, marketization, and commercialization require the input and dedication of enterprises in the industry. As a leading company in the billiards field in China and the world, Xingpai has the responsibility and ability to undertake this mission.

Previously, compared with snooker and fancy nine-ball, Chinese billiards received less attention, and the competitions were mostly amateur competitions, without influence and authority. Since it is to be professional, it is inevitable to produce many “firsts” in Chinese billiards-high bonuses, many world champion players participating, qualification areas covering the country, points system rankings, comprehensive coverage of online TV and print media, etc.- Xingpai operates in accordance with the specifications of the top snooker and fancy nine-ball tournaments under the support of the Taiwan Association’s policies.

After completing these first steps, the “Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament” has undoubtedly become another top event in the Chinese billiards world and even in the Chinese sports field, which has increased the exposure of Chinese billiards and increased media attention. But when talking about the return of the event, Gan Liantong gave reporters such an account: “Xingpai has invested more than two million yuan in the previous two races. It is estimated that the total investment in the four sub-stations and the finals of the year will be total. It will reach 6 million yuan. Although this event has attracted some sponsors to sponsor the event, it is difficult to achieve a balance of expenditure at present.” But he also said, “Don’t talk about the investment of stars, even if you I am willing to invest a little more, because it is the sport of Chinese billiards that will benefit the most-promote the professionalization of Chinese billiards, promote the development of Chinese billiards rankings, and train professional Chinese billiards. I believe that Chinese billiards will be like Snow in the near future. Like the fancy nine-ball, Krishna has a world-class points ranking and a world-class professional player. At that time, the game will naturally attract more corporate sponsorships. That’s when the star has 0 investment or even surplus.”

Second, unprecedented publicity, Xingpai has been very successful.

In April this year, since the General Administration’s approval, the organizing committee and Xingpai immediately released news in major media such as China Sports Daily, Sina, Sohu, and held a press conference involving more than 20 media; the competition is in progress Xingpai organized a professional team to write manuscripts. Portals and professional websites such as Sina, Sohu, TOP147, MY147 set up columns to report the whole process. At the same time, it organized invitations to more than 40 nationwide including CCTV, Guangming Daily, and China Sports News. The media and websites report on the event.

In the first two races, a group of signed players under the star brand: Li Hewen, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha, … all appeared on the field, and attracted countless attention from fans, players and the media. The media at the location of the sub-stations attaches great importance to it. It concentrates on outstanding reporters and produces a large number of pages to create the atmosphere of the event and promote unprecedented publicity.

Gan Liantong bluntly stated that the positioning of the first Chinese Billiard Ranking Tournament in 2012 is not a commercialized professional game, but it is the beginning of a commercialized Chinese-style billiard professional game. “In fact, any professional event can be regarded as a commercial competition. Without sponsors, it is difficult for the competition to survive for a long time only by hosting a single enterprise. The bottleneck period of a competition is usually 3-5 years, and China The billiards association and our goal is to develop the game into a brand, just like snooker and fancy nine-ball World Open, masters, these top events have formed a brand after years of accumulation. And we also It is hoped that the Chinese-style billiards competition can provide a lasting platform for players and continue to rise to a higher level through this platform.”

The first Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament of 2012 “Star Cup” gave young Chinese billiard players more opportunities and platforms to participate in the international competition system. Regarding this, Gan Liantong expressed his thoughts: “We hope that in five to ten years, the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament can be built into the world’s top ten well-known brand events, and to create a successful business model for Chinese billiards, which will enable Chinese billiards players. Better communication and growth, and at the same time, let the development of Chinese billiards move in a positive direction, and continue this mode of operation. In the future process, we will discuss with the China National Taiwan Association a durable, strong operation The operation mode of professional games is the concept and direction Xingpai pursues in promoting the professional development of Chinese billiards.”

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