China Brand Day: The “Pin” Brand of the World’s No. 1 Brand

The State Council officially designated May 10 as “China Brand Day”. This is a major strategic move after the government work report of the two sessions put forward “creating more world-renowned’Chinese brands'”. Xingpai, Yili, Suning and others have expressed Strive to build a Chinese brand in the world.


As a world-renowned brand with 30 years of history, Xingpai has won the recognition and favor of the world championship and the World Professional Snooker Association, and is known as the “brand behind the world champion”. Xingpai’s road to building a world-renowned “brand” is also In-depth interpretation of the outside world-quality, reputation, and taste.

Quality: craftsman spirit to make the table

The so-called craftsman spirit is to love what you do more than the money these things bring you, focus, rigor, patience, craftsmanship, pursuit of perfection, and indifferent to fame and wealth.


In the “Cage Cup” international professional billiard star challenge held in Beijing in 1997, Mr. Chamberlain, an official of the World Professional Snooker Association (WPBSA), said excitedly to hundreds of millions of TV viewers: “Mr. James Wattana is in China The Xingpai billiard table has created a full score of 147. This is the first 147 points for a single shot in a world professional billiards game outside of the UK. This is enough to show that the Chinese Xingpai pool table has reached the WPBSA competition standard.”


In 2007, Xingpai was officially certified by the World Professional Snooker Association (WPBSA) to enter the high-end snooker competition. Simon, an official of the World Professional Snooker Association (WPBSA), said: “The process of selecting suppliers is extremely strict, lengthy, and attention to detail. It must follow the international standards specified by the World Professional Snooker Association (WPBSA).”


In fact, not only testing, but high-water platform ball games have very strict requirements for the selection and installation of billiard tables. International top billiard players have even more stringent requirements for billiard tables. The quality of the table can directly lead to the outcome of the game. Even small changes are enough to influence the game. . Many world billiards masters have given praise to the star pool table: 2 world championships, 18 rankings champion Mark Williams praised the star pool table as unparalleled; once ranked first in the world, won five world championships Ronnie O’Sullivan even said that the star table is the best pool table he has ever used; Stephen Hendry, who is known as the emperor of billiards and has won 7 world championships, is also happy to take on the role of star billiards. Table ambassador.

Word of mouth: celebrity endorsement + echelon training

Xingpai is good at using celebrity effects to build brands. Ding Junhui, Williams, Higgins, Trump, Hendry, O’Sullivan, Pan Xiaoting, Liu Shasha, Fu Xiaofang, Zheng Yubo, Jin Jiaying, etc. are all star signings. Golfer.


In addition to celebrity endorsements, Xingpai and Beijing No. 40 Middle School jointly established the billiards professional class and China’s first “Beijing Billiards School”, and jointly established the sports department billiards program with Beijing Sport University, sponsored and supported Sheffield Snooker The college cultivates a large number of talents. Gan Lianfang, the chief consultant of the World Professional Snooker Association, evaluated Yan Bingtao, who won the “Rookie of the Year” at the World Snooker Annual Awards Ceremony. He said: “Yan Bingtao has achieved such good results at the age of 17 and his future is limitless. In fact. It’s not just Yan Bingtao. There are as many as six Chinese players participating in the World Championships this year, creating the most in history.” He also said: “I started the Xingpai brand 30 years ago. When I first got involved in the billiards field, I dreamed of it. One day, this is the result of the efforts of everyone in the Chinese billiards industry. It is a very exciting thing.” World professional snooker chairman Barry Hearn said: “In the next five years, Chinese players may take part in the World Championships. I am confident about half of the quota.”

Four players from China, Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Fu Jiajun, and Xiao Guodong, entered the top 16 in this World Championship. Gan Lianfang said: “Xingpai pool tables have opened the door of world snooker to China, and it has also cultivated a large number of talents, and continues to promote the sustainable development of China’s snooker industry. In 2017, Xingpai Group will invest more funds to support snooker talents. Training.”

Taste: Dedicating elegance to the world

Xingpai pool tables are widely used in World Snooker Championships, Snooker China Open, Snooker Shanghai Masters, British League Cup, German Masters and other events. Xingpai Group also hosted 4 Snooker World Championships. Open. In 2014, Xingpai and the World Professional Snooker Association (WPBSA) signed an unprecedented “5+3” long-term comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, becoming a well-deserved world-renowned brand of billiard tables.


The World Professional Snooker Association (WPBSA), Xingpai, etc. continue to hold competitions at various levels, and promote the billiard training system, so that talents and masters in this field are gathered, Hendry, O’Sullivan, Higgins, White, Dai Weiss, Robertson, Trump, Ding Junhui, Selby, etc., no one can dominate the World Championships for a long time, so the event is even more exciting.

World Professional Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn awarded Star Group Chairman Gan Lianfang the “Outstanding Contribution Award” in recognition of his contribution to the snooker sport in the past 30 years. Gan Lianfang became the only Chinese who received the highest honor here except for the world star Ding Junhui. In 2010, Gan Lianfang was invited to present the “Lifetime Contribution Award” to Steve Davis in Crucible. This time the protagonist was replaced by him.


Barry Hearn said at the award ceremony: “Snooker has developed tremendously throughout the world in the past few years. This is inseparable from the contribution of Mr. Gan Lianfang. This year is the World Championship held at the Crucible Theatre. The anniversary is also the 30th anniversary of the founding of Xingpai Group. We specially held this ceremony to commend Xingpai and Mr. Gan for their contributions to the snooker sport.”


After 30 years of development, Xingpai Group started from billiards, radiated to real estate, education and other industries, and further moved towards the health industry, allowing sports to be integrated into the health ecosystem. Gan Lianfang said: “Xingpai has created a world-renowned brand with great influence overseas and well-known in China, but this is far from enough.” Xingpai has world-renowned sports brands, and sports are closely related to health and culture. Inseparable, they can promote each other and build a stronger world brand. In 2016, Xingpai Group fully cooperated with the world’s top 500 company China Life Group to deploy health management and healthy elderly care. In the future, Xingpai Group will build the world’s largest indoor entertainment mall and healthy characteristic town, build a more powerful world brand, and move towards the next 30 years.

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