This is how the world’s No. 1 billiards brand is built-an interview with Gan Liantong, chairman of “Xingpai”

Reporter: Xingpai is a private enterprise with an international brand. Please talk about the original intention of starting a business and why he chose the niche project of Qiu.

Gan Liantong: In the early days of reform and opening up, the central government had just promulgated policies to invigorate the economy. The original purpose was simple, to make money and support the family. I chose billiards because it is a brand new thing. At the beginning, many traditional items such as clothing and catering were used. We chose billiards because we intuitively felt that it was worth doing. Later we did a good job, but we did not expect it to be like this. situation.

Reporter: Would you please review the development history of Chinese billiards?

Gan Liantong: The development of Chinese billiards is not long, but it has gone through several stages:

The initial stage was when the reform and opening up just started. Billiards were just emerging in China. Snooker, Kailun, Poole, etc. were all available. In 1987, Xingpai was produced according to the standards of Snooker with the parameters of Kailun. The predecessor of the Chinese ball table, the material and technology of the ball table at that time were incomparable with the present, but the prototype has been completed, it is very popular after its launch, and it can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys;

Later billiards entered the room from the street, but the popularity in the country remained the same. The sport of billiards is deeply loved by the Chinese people. At this stage, Xingpai’s products are very good and have good sales. In order to develop faster and better, we are the first A private company sponsored a national-level event, and since then it has been unacceptable.

After entering the new century, the market environment has gradually become standardized, the football room for fans has become more rational, and the requirements for the quality of billiard tables have become higher and higher. Xingpai was entrusted by the National Standardization Committee to take the lead in drafting the “Technical Standards for China’s Billiard Table Production”. At this stage, Xingpai has gradually grown up, and we decided to go out and promote Chinese products to the world. For this reason, we sponsored a world-class competition for Mengxiang;

Our efforts have been recognized by the World Billiards Federation. Xingpai has gradually grown into a world billiards brand.

Reporter: What role has Xingpai played in the rise of China’s billiard industry?

Gan Liantong: Xingpai played a role in this process. Xingpai launched a Chinese-style table suitable for the Chinese people, making billiards popular in China; Xingpai has a number of inventions and patents in the production technology of billiard equipment, and took the lead in drafting the national billiard table standards and standardizing equipment production; Xingpai went out Through the country, let the world know about China’s billiards; Xingpai sponsored and hosted many world-class billiards competitions, which expanded the influence of billiards.

Reporter: Please look forward to the future prospects of billiards sports and the billiard industry

The future of billiards is in China. At present, China has regularly hosted 4 world-class snooker competitions, as well as large-scale events such as the 9-ball World Championships and the International Open. The National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is also in full swing throughout the country. It can be said that billiards has followed the footsteps of table tennis, from imported to localized, and it has become the world’s billiard power and the world’s billiard center.

Reporter: How do you think Chinese billiards culture should be built?

Billiards is a gentleman’s sport. It has a history of more than 600 years in the West. It contains many connotations such as etiquette, elegance, wisdom, health and so on. This sport is also a relatively quiet sport with the connotation of Chinese traditional culture. In line, here, Eastern and Western cultures have been well integrated. The trend of Chinese billiards culture cannot be too conservative, nor can it accept American billiards as a whole. The enthusiasm for billiards is more than stable. It should be eclectic, absorbing the essence of British, American, and Russian, and combining with Chinese billiards to form our own unique China. Billiards culture.

Reporter: How to interpret the brand status of Xingpai in the industry?

Gan Liantong: In the billiard industry, I think Xingpai should be regarded as the world’s top brand. From production technology to product quality to after-sales service, Xingpai is well-known. This is the result of the efforts of all Xingpai people. As a national brand, Xingpai can truly be accepted by the whole world. We feel very proud.

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