Mr. Gan: Innovation as the main theme of Zhejiang Station, champion prize of 100,000 yuan

An important factor for an event, an enterprise, or even an undertaking, to maintain vitality and vigorous development is innovation. In this Zhejiang sub-station, innovation has become the main theme: in competition organization, we sincerely cooperate with local sports bureaus and billiards associations. Co-sponsored by the Chinese Billiards Association and Hangzhou Sports Bureau, Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Billiards Association jointly hosted this game, which provided a strong guarantee for the success of the game; in terms of tournament bonuses, we targeted the top two The feedback situation of the sub-station matches, after careful investigation and careful consideration, adjustments have been made, and a high bonus comparable to world-class snooker and nine-ball events has been set. The championship bonus has reached 100,000 yuan. This is a history of Chinese billiards. The highest single bonus ever; its purpose is to increase the attractiveness of Chinese billiards competitions, better mobilize the enthusiasm of Chinese billiards players across the country and the world, create a Chinese billiards ranking match that is in line with international standards, and promote the rapid development of Chinese billiards;

In terms of competition equipment, the Xingpai R&D team has worked together with China Forestry University, Beijing Sport University, World Billiards Federation testing agencies and many billiards world champions to launch a new standardized high-tech Chinese billiards in cooperation with all walks of life. Table, this is the first standardized Chinese billiard table born under the independent industrial design system of China’s billiard industry. It marks that Chinese billiard equipment manufacturers have entered the core level of product industrial design.

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